Thank You, Come Again.

I LOVE a good dress up, costume parties for the win!
So when our good friend, Dias, announced his 30th birthday would be ‘Childhood Cartoon’ themed, our imaginations were running wild!

I’m pretty sarcastic, with the driest sense of humour – it’s usually only me laughing.
Which is why I thought of Daria.


I ordered a wig online, super cheap and quick postage! I highly recommend! The skirt was another great find, on sale from asos. (The full priced version you can find here.)
I already own Daria boots (further proof that she is the perfect character for me!). I picked them up on sale from Tony Bianco in Melbourne, and they have been further discounted since. Wah.
The most difficult part was actually the hoodie, no one is selling jumpers any more! Thankfully the boy’s section of Target helped me out, they still had a few in stock.

So, last Saturday night, I became Daria. Sarcasm and laziness included.

I was having too much fun at the party, I completely forgot to take photos of anyone else. So, I can’t take credit for the below snaps:


Photo courtesy of Rossi, A.K.A Buzz Lightyear.

Apu is the birthday boy, Dias, THE BEST COSTUME OF THE NIGHT!


The last two snaps were from Kelly (Bubbles). Thank you!

It was such a great night, it’s always better when everyone gets into the theme, don’t you think?


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