Sake to Me

Last night was a real treat. We wrapped up a project at work and, to celebrate, the Project Manager organised a dinner at the one and only … Nobu.
(I apologise in advance for the horrible quality of the photots, iPhones do not do the food justice!)

We hopped in a taxi straight from work, and headed for the bar!


Which had a seriously cool interior.


Encouraged to try a cocktail, the barmen promptly made a round of “Wasabi Awas” – Wasabi infused Gin, Pomme Verte Apple Liqueur, Sugar Syrup and the most amazing Elderflower Foam.


It doesn’t look that flash, but trust me – it was incredible!


One of the girls ordered this bad boy, a “Smoked Black Apple” – Johnnie Walker Black, Apple Liqueur, Bitters, Apple Wood Smoked Chips on Sphere Ice.
It had major theatricality with smoke pouring out of it but, by the look on her face, I think it was a bit strong.

IMG_3730     IMG_3731

Once we were seated at the table, the waitstaff brought along what seemed like an endless supply of sake and wine.
Just before we started begging for something more substantial, the plates started arriving.


Edamame beans – snapped a little too late. The hungry hoards couldn’t be held back any longer!


The Yellowtail Jalapeno was unbelievably good! Lots of foodgasms and fighting for the last piece.

IMG_3737     IMG_3735

As the sake made another round, plates of Salmon Sashimi and Sashimi Salad were placed in front of us. They were delicious, but had nothing on the final two dishes.


Unwrapping the banana leaf was like opening a present, to find:


The Black Cod Miso. Nobu’s signature dish, for good reason. Silky, buttery, miso glazed heaven.


Followed by our final savoury dish, Beef Tenderloin with Anticucho Sauce. Melt-in-your mouth texture, with a huge kick of flavour.

Oh, I lied.. we finished the night with big plates of sushi. Which was very good quality sushi, but not that pretty, and to be honest, kind of strange to end our meal with. We all agreed it would have been better as a starter.

Just as the guys around us were complaining that they’d be stopping off at Maccas on the way home (as delicious as Nobu is, it’s not too substantial) we were handed rich cheesecakes and sorbet.
This was enough to fill my stomach and left me in a happy place, I hope the rest of the table was in agreement.


It was a fantastic meal, Nobu is perfection. I am very thankful to have this job, when it means I have the opportunity to eat at incredible restaurants like this.

Back at work today, and a few of us are feeling a little fragile… but it was all worth it.


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