“The French Call it an Amuse Bouche” … “Well, it is Amusing”

I feel very spoilt lately. Last night, I got the opportunity to eat at another of Perth’s best restaurants.
Thanks to a very generous birthday present from my boss, Andrew and I booked in for degustation at Amuse.

It also loosely tied in with our one year anniversary, after 7 years we can finally celebrate one of these!


Frazer Woods Sparkling for yours truely and Rogers for the DD.


Radish, Crème Fraiche, Caviar / Choux Pastry, Gruyere Cheese


Tomato, Crab Meat, Tapioca Consommé


Housemade Rye and White Bread, Housemade Butter with Pink Rock Salt
Andrew: “I LOVE RYE”
Hannah: “Don’t judge me for how much butter I’m eating”


 White Asparagus (only grown for 8 weeks a year), Bottarga, Gomasio (not even going to pretend to remember what they are) and Milk


Marron, Carrot, Saltbush and the best Brussells Sprouts ever!


One of my favourites. Smokey smokey Chicken on Rice, Mushrooms and Miso Broth.


DISH OF THE NIGHT. Which really doesn’t look like anything special, but it packs a punch.
Octopus, Cauliflower, Potato and Rosemary on Cauliflower Puree.


Squid, Artichoke and Kohlrabi on Artichoke Puree. My god, their purees are the greatest.


My date. The lighting didn’t do much for his tired eyes, but he’s still pretty cute.


Onto dessert! Our Pre-Dessert was Banana Ice Cream, Coconut and Aniseed Myrtle Foam.


The best way to describe this is: Chocolate Mousse covered in about 27 different delicious and crunchy things.
It was fantastic!


Petit Fours served with Peppermint Tea. Passionfruit covered in White Chocolate (which literally popped open as you ate them) and Dessert Limes, which neither of us were into.

So that concluded our 10 course meal. We rolled out of the restaurant and rolled on home.
It was an incredible experience, which I recommend to anyone. If you do go, get the pairing wines – we didn’t and regretted it.

A HUGE thank you to my boss, Mumma T, for an amazing gift.

P.s. I am on the hunt for a camera, so I can stop burning your eyes with my shocking iPhone skills.
Any recommendations?


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