Thoughts for Thursday

Things making me smile today:


Emails from my brother, gallivanting through Europe. Jealousy levels are through the roof!


A good (and crazy) friend’s birthday. I love seeing birthday love. What is it about celebrating another year of someone’s life that brings out emotion that we normally wouldn’t share?
… and embarrassing photos. So many of those! To the birthday gal, I have a good one to show you later…


Enrolling myself into Cert IV in Business via TAFE online. Goodbye spare time!


The countdown to my favourite time of the year has begun!


As is the planning, and some of the purchasing. I need to slow down.



IMG_3974 IMG_3972

Some Christmas inspiration for you all, via Pinterest. As soon as that sun starts shining in Spring, I can’t help feeling like Christmas is on it’s way!
Plenty more crazy Christmas posts to come this year, I apologise in advance.

Happy Thursday to all, and to all a good day.

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