Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky

If our first two days in Sydney were magical, the next two were straight out of Harry Potter. Full blown MAGIC.
But seriously, looking back on them now (even though it was only 5 days ago) it was bliss.

IMG_4116IMG_4118I know it seems like all we did was eat, but we found some damn good spots that need to be shared. Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to see photos of us walking, or shopping..

We saw this spot from the bus on the way to Four Ate Five the previous day, and thought we’d try it out. THANK THE LORD for that decision.
Industrial, hipster decor with a fixie bike shop out the back. Excellent coffee, and even better food. Just look at what they did with Tameeka’s avo on toast:


If you’re ever in Sydney, please go! They have cronuts!
The rest of the day was spent shopping (told you!) and catching up with friends in Circular Quay.

I’m brushing past that, because I want to get to Monday, my absolute highlight!
I woke up early, and decided to walk/run/attempt exercise around our hotel. There was a huge park right next door, not sure if you’ve of it – Hyde Park. Further on from that is the Royal Botanic Gardens, and because I was wandering aimlessly I didn’t realise it opened up onto this view:


Breath, gone.
Once I regained it, we began the journey to Manly, my old home town. Of which I have no recollection because I was two when we left. None the less…


Look how beautiful! So much better than that sucky Bondi.

We browsed boutiques, found my first house, and wandered around in search of food.
Which is when we discovered Hemingway’s.



Burger heaven. The salads looked amazing as well, but .. please.

This place was the cherry on top of our sundae of a trip, and with full bellies we were ready to come home.

Sydney, thank you for having us and turning on the incredible weather, I will definitely be back.

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