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Yesterday delievered some tragic news to all students from my old school.
A boy, who was only two years younger than me, passed away, under horrific circumstances.

I have never seen such an outpouring of love from so many people I know. As much as technology can invade our lives and become a negative impact, it does have it its uses.
My facebook feed hasn’t stopped with messages of love, loss, shock and support for the family.

As a ex-student, it is beautiful to see this school band together, even after so many years.
I saw Matt just the other day. I was crossing the road and saw him in his car, stopped at the lights. He looked over, gave me a huge wave and giant smile.
I will remember him exactly this way, a ray of sunshine and always happy. Just as his family, close friends and girlfriend will. My heart is heavy thinking of their pain today.

Our school hymn (that we all refused to sing until we had graduated) begins with “In Faith and Hope and Love”, which is what I would like to send to his family.
I’m not by any means a religious person, but I do believe these values have stuck with me long after graduation.

I have faith that he is in a better place, no longer in pain. I hope that his family can somehow make it through. I know that they are feeling the love from the JSR community.

Share your love, no matter what the circumstance. The lesson we are all being reminded of, is that life is too damn short.

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