With Friends Like These…

Hello friends. It occurs to me today, that I have never told you why I have named by blog “The World of Hanbel”.
It seems so insignificant to me, because I have heard this nickname a thousand and one times, but might not make sense to those of you who do not know me. (Assuming, of course, that there are any of you out there..)

Its pretty complicated, so bear with me while I explain its many intricate details.
My name is Hannah Bell. Shortened to Hanbel.
Well.. there you have it! I’m glad you stuck with me through that intense explanation.

It all began with these lovely ladies:

This is the oldest, and most horrible photo I could find of us all as a group. This shot was taken around 6 years ago, about the time (roughly, I can’t remember exactly!) the nickname begun. You see, there was another Hannah in the group, and I made my way in a little later.
As hard as she tried to keep herself as “Hannah 1” and kept me as “Hannah 2”, the girls just ended up sticking with Hanbel.


“Hannah 1” (go on, try and guess which one she is!) has since moved to Melbourne, but the name has stuck with me – through several different blogs, through new friends, it even makes an appearance written on my bike.
Now while the group has changed a little, with people moving on or new girls being introduced, it too has stuck with me over the years.


These beautiful humans are the nicest people you will ever come across! They saved me from a time where I found myself involved in toxic friendships and bullying circumstances. NOT fun.


You know those people that you just be completely yourself with; treat horribly, get grumpy and snappy at, act completely insane with?
These are my people.

image1image2image3They’re a special bunch, but I think they’re the bees knees.
If you happen to find one of these, make friends with it – it will be endlessly rewarding. You might even get yourself a little nickname.


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