“Any Cosmo girl would have known!”

Wahooooooo! I completed my first tertiary course. It may have only been a Certificate IV, but after struggling through TEE, one failed year at uni, and then 6 years in the workforce, I’m pretty chuffed.


As you may remember from this post, I began the Cert IV in Business last September. So based on how quickly I got it done (thank you work for being super quiet!), the awesome people at OTEN (TAFE NSW) thought that was a pretty good achievement.


Who would have thunk it? I’m a genuis! Next step, to enrol myself into Harvard and win a court case in my first year – dressed head to toe in pink.

Ha! Might be getting a little carried away, but it is nice to know that all that hard work paid off.
Go me!

Now… to use this piece of information to get Andrew to treat me like a queen, AT LEAST for the next month.

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