Why You So Obessed with Me?

Hello beautiful people!

It is time again to share my latest obsessions… I get hooked on things quite easily, but also change my mind quite often.

*Apologies in advance, a lot of these are food related. I’m hungry.

1. Bircher Muesli

IMG_5226I eat this for breakfast. Every. Single. Day. I love it, and can’t get enough!
Oats are one of the best foods to start your day with, SO MANY health benefits, including fibre for your heart and good carbs to burn throughout the day.
To make this bowl of deliciousness, I soak 1/2 cup oats in almond milk overnight.
In the morning I add half a grated apple and a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt – stir to combine.
And then the toppings! These change regularly; the above is kiwi fruit, a little nut mix and maple syrup = heaven in a bowl.

2. Netflix 

I know, SO late to the party. We began with Stan because that was available in Australia first, and then we got hooked on Community and couldn’t give it up. However, this past weekend we gave in.

It’s Netflix time. Give me allllllll the Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Arrested Development, Suits etc.
Goodbye free time!

3. Charcuterie Boards


With the weather cooling right down, it’s definitely the time for comfort food. Wine and cheese nights have never been more welcome. Especially when you don’t have to leave the house.
Saturday Date Night In consisted of grabbing a picnic from Smoults Deli, opening a bottle of red, moving our mattress into the lounge room (in front of the heater) and watching Django Unchained, courtesy of [No. 2].

4. Mandarins!

IMG_5287 IMG_5286

With citrus in season, how can I go past these little morsels to up my “2 fruit and 5 veg” intake.

5. Goodreads

This website/app is must for all book worms out there. My dear friends Lucy and Brooke were already on this bandwagon, and introduced the other half of book club to all it’s possibilities.
It’s fantastic! You can log all the books you’ve ever read, and even track the dates to see how many books you’ve read in a year.
You get to rate each book as you add it to your list, as well as log books you want to read in the future.
If you log in through facebook, you can see what all your other friends are reading and how they rate them all.
Finally, if you download the app you can literally scan in the barcode of your own books to add them to your list.

BRILLIANT! My inner book nerd is rejoicing!

What are you all obsessed with at the moment?
Share away…


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