Who’s Coming for Dinner?

We’ve started eating at the table again. Usually we run in the house after exercise, grab a bowl and plonk ourselves down on the couch, but lately I’ve been trying to gravitate back to the dining room a couple of times a week to enjoy our meals.
And to TALK.

It’s so good, I am loving it, and I hope Andrew is too. The conversation we found ourselves having last night was “If you had to pick 5 people to have dinner with, who would you pick?”. Kind of random, but we came up with some hilarious suggestions!

My final five consists of:

Emma Stone Faces a Brutal Choice: Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling?tina feyIMG_2754Australian actor Hugh Jackman

  1. Emma Stone, because girl crush.
  2. Tina Fey, to prove everyone who has uttered the words “women can’t be funny” wrong.
  4. Zoe Foster, for beauty tips, with a side of hysterical laughter.
  5. Hugh Jackman, because who doesn’t love Hugh Jackman?

I think you can tell a lot about someone from these kind of games, and luckily Andrew was on board with my picks.
If I had chosen Paris Hilton or Tony Abbott, he’d probably be questioning why he even likes me, ha!

I’m curious, who would you invite for dinner?


P.s. Andrew’s selection was: Hugh Jackman, Eddie Masters, Dave Grohl, Rove McManus and Tim Minchin.

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