An Ode to Punk.

My dear boyfriend, Andrew, turned another year older yesterday.
We celebrated with date night on Friday; pork buns, chopsticks, beer and red wine included.
At a wedding on Saturday, I yelled out at midnight that it was Andrew’s birthday – and the entire wedding party sung to him.
I made cupcakes for him to take for his baseball team yesterday, to enjoy post-game with a beer in hand.
We spent the night with his family, laughing and eating and sharing in the joy that is this fantastic guy.


To his friends he is “Punk”, the loudest, most energetic and charismatic guy in the room. He’s the leader with the booming voice that begins all kinds of adventures, but also keeps an eye out for his mates.

To me though, he’s simply the best. I find myself wanting to gush about his every good quality, but I’ll refrain.
I’ll just say this: Andrew, you make me happier than I could ever imagine and I feel so lucky to be able to celebrate your 28th birthday with you.

Happy Birthday Handsome!


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