You Used to Call Me on My Cell Phone

This past weekend was bliss; spending time in my favourite place with a few of my favourite people.

I thought it was about time I showed off Papa’s Dunsborough house, and invited the crew down for a sneaky weekend getaway.

Which begun the best way possible: Coffee and Croissants… (Just a heads up, this was a VERY indulgent weekend)IMG_5714
I’ve been DYING to check out Chu bakery, so we took advantage of our early start on Friday and popped in for some fuel pre-road trip.

Great coffee, delicious flakey Kaya Coconut Croissant and a slightly sour, but very interesting Macha Puff. Highly recommended!

Once we arrived in Dunsborough the rest of the weekend included, but was not limited to: visiting wineries, sampling ice cream at Simmos, cooking Paella to feed the crowd, playing Articulate, Balderdash and Cards Against Humanity, an unbelievable four-course meal at Knee Deep Wines and singing “Hotline Bling” way too many times.


The cutest Sous-Chef.

I know I’m completely biased, but I really think I have the prettiest friends! It helps that they are lovely people as well.IMG_0665
For lunch on Saturday we chose to try out the ‘Trust the Chef’ option at Knee Deep Wines. By George, I am SO happy that we did, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Course One: Smoked tuna pate. Get that palate workin’!
Course Two: Braised lamb ribs in a plum sauce (my favourite, the meat fell off the bone and melted in the mouth)  IMG_0668
Course Three: Beef and the most thinly sliced stack of sweet potato. I heard very good things about this dish! IMG_0670
Course Three: I elected not to eat beef (personal preference) and was served sticky pork belly with fresh rolls, delightful!
Palate Cleanser: Raspberry and Mango Sorbet, with a hint of cinnamon. I could have easily swiped that bowl as well, but I refrained, trying to be classy for once!
Course Four: Black Forrest biscuit on the right, with cherry jam and dark chocolate shards, chocolate crème brûlée on the left, which left us all in awe.
Sunday Funday took us to Yallingup Coffee, Eagle Bay Brewery and Wise Winery before hitting the frog and toad back to Perth.
To these beautiful humans I’m lucky enough to call my best friends (and to the boyfriends who are missing from this snap), thank you for an amazing weekend, all the laughs, all the dance moves and singing, for putting up with my grumpiness and for generally loving life. I know I do when I’m surrounded by you all.



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