Decorations of Red, on a Green Christmas Tree


My favourite month is upon us, bringing holiday cheer, warm nights, fruity drinks, fresh prawns, CHERRY SEASON and so many happy smiles.

We started putting up our tree on the 30th of November (much to my dismay, I like doing things the proper way) because Andrew had to fly out the next morning. God, I love this tree. I love pulling all the decorations out, getting excited about the ones I have forgotten since last year and watching Andrew roll his eyes at me as I dance around to Christmas Carols.


It’s fun creating new traditions, now that we live together. Andrew’s in charge of the lights for the tree, and I’ll do the wrapping of the presents. He puts the star on top of the tree and I get to put the wreath on our front door.

IMG_5853This year, much concentrationIMG_4371Last year, much beard

We both have some time off this year and hopefully will spend it outside in the sun, enjoying each other’s company.


For now though, I’m just enjoying our beautiful house greeting me every day.


Especially today, being my birthday! 25 years old, never felt so good!


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