Just Can’t Wait to Get on the Road Again

It’s all happening. For reals this time. We have less than three weeks left in Aus, and are getting our house packed up. Our backpacks are almost ready to go, our furniture all has a home to go to, our small things are sold or snuck into Mum’s cupboards.


19 days and COUNTING. The excitement is finally starting to kick in, but it never really hits until you’re sitting on that plane. In the meantime we have been in action mode, trying to get everything done before fly out day. It’s kind of insane the amount of things two people can accumulate in such a short space of time.


This is what we’ll be reduced to, and I’m so excited! Also, look how organised this kid is, I can’t even believe how neatly it’s all folded.


I never thought I would find such joy in empty cupboards.


Though we still have a seemingly never ending to-do list, we are making good progress! All that’s left to do is final paperwork, moving the big pieces of furniture and to celebrate our going away with our nearest and dearest.


Plus adding our heights to this… 😉


[our faces post-swap meet. Exhausted, but stoked to get rid of so much stuff!]

Wish us luck please, though I’m hoping we won’t need it…

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