It’s the Final Countdown

Andrew and I have had a countdown going for quite some time now. This is the trouble with planning so far ahead, you plan really early and start a countdown 25 weeks ahead. This morning, however, we got to write the words “0 days”…

It’s here!!

Having said that, I still can’t find myself feeling overly excited. The past couple of weeks have been so busy, full of last minute tasks, moving out of our beautiful rental, packing and storing, final catch ups with friends and family.

IMG_0206Part of me wishes that we’d never leave this place

Not to mention this small, little, insignificant event we had on Thursday;

Andrew’s sister’s wedding!


I was lucky enough to be not only included in the wedding, but to be a bridesmaid. We spent two days getting nails, hair and make up done, eating delicious food, drinking Veuve and laughing together. It was a beautiful ceremony, full of love and tears (the groom set me off, I blame him entirely!) and family bonding.


We also got to stick around long enough to celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday. We spent an afternoon drinking wine and beer in the sunshine, surrounded by family and partners. Dad had two cakes placed in front of him (one of them being a Princess cake!) and he looked like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. It was the sweetest thing to watch.


So, despite the small stresses and very busy days trying to organise our lives and keep our folks happy, we’ve enjoyed our last couple of weeks in Perth immensely. And I know as soon as we’re all packed, bikes taken apart and are en route to the airport, those butterflies are going to be fluttering pretty hard.

On a different note, we recently watched the movie “Chef” [it’s fantastic, please watch it immediately] through which I discovered this super fun app called “One Second Everyday”. I started using it exactly one month out from our big adventure, so please let me share with you our final month in Perth:

I’m going to miss Perth and my people far more than I’d like to think about right now, just know that I love you all and this decision to move has nothing to do with wanting to be apart from you. We’re just so ready for an adventure.

I’ll catch you guys on the flipside, thank you for reading and speak to you from LA!


Peace out,

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