Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night! (And We Have a Home)

I’m still coming to grips with the fact that this is home:


The past couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind of activities, finding bearings and house hunting. It’s as though now I’ve found my feet here I can truly appreciate this town. Whistler is a cool little spot. No-one wears heels or fancy dresses. It’s perfectly acceptable to walk into a bar in riding gear. I have never seen so many mountain bikes in one spot, and it’s not even peak season yet. There are mountains in every direction, not just Whistler and Blackcomb. Every path you wander down in absolutely covered in greenery, I can’t get my head around it. It’s very nice getting to know it, even if it is on my own for the most part.

We’ve been quite busy since I last spoke to you all; adventures in the bike park, starting ladies’ nights (me), finding a home and smashing the course (Punk).

Here’s a snapshot of the last week and a half, hope this give you a better picture:

Taking the bike on an adventure around a few lakes and small trails; getting my first full face; a christmas tree on one of the lost lake trails.


Scrabble with Blake and Tash, a.k.a Mum and Dad. This day was 4 degrees and snowing on the mountain (where Andrew was riding), so mulled wine was a necessity;


One of my new favourites places, Lost Lake. On this sunny, gorgeous day it was absolutely breathtaking to see the mountains reflecting on the water;


Whistler runs ladies’ nights in the bike park, where you sign up for a coach and go out in a group – girls only. I’ve done two now, and they are super fun! They’re also helping my confidence and skill set so much. Anyway, the highlight of Monday’s lesson was spotting four bears along the trails!!

And finally, home sweet home! Our place is so sweet. A cozy loft-style room, that’s a decent size, 5 minute walk from the village and more importantly… all ours!

As I mentioned above, Andrew is doing an awesome job on his course. He smashed out the assessments for Level 1 and 2 (which means he can teach beginners to intermediates now), Canadian senior first aid and is now working on rider progression. He’s bought himself a downhill bike and couldn’t wipe the smile off his face that day. He’ll finish up Tuesday and move into the place with me, and I begin working on Monday. It’s all happening round here!

Much love to you all, missing everyone back home. Send me stories please!

2 thoughts on “Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night! (And We Have a Home)

  1. Louise says:

    Hey Hanbel! aka Hannah, Wow, it’s just looks so beautiful and it’s sounding like everything is falling into place for you and Andrew.
    The dancing lessons finished for Glen and I, dancing with the Stars here we come, move over Fred and Ginger !! Haha only jokin’ . At best we get around the floor for a full song without Glen stepping on my toes! We’ve had a fab time learning, loads of laughs as we shuffled through the tricky bits. Went to Charmaine’s 30th anniversary of her 21st and put all the moves together as we glided round the dance floor. Fantastic night!!
    Out for Chinese after the footy last week for Justin’s birthday (with his girls,Cam, Maryann, Jack, my folks) yummy food, washed down with a rather nice red and the usual family banter.
    Lunched with my playgroup mums at Bistro 38 Joondalup…. Somewhere different. Ha! Breakfast at Tarts with a couple of ex work colleagues….. What is it with me and food….nom nom, love it. Going to Martina’s 50th tomorrow night…Irish nurse from work, karaoke, mmm what a combination!….looking forward to it.
    Work is busy, but scored today off….loving the winter sunshine, the last few days have been just glorious. Washed, dusted, moved some furniture around…a good day! Nearly wine-o’clock. Going around to Pete and Craig’s for tea and hear about their amazing trip.
    Long weekend here. Having breakfast with your mum on Sunday, may drive to the Pinjarra festival tomorrow.
    Everyone well. All good here.
    Send some photos of inside your new abode.
    Perhaps we could FaceTime you on Sunday while at breakfast.
    Stay safe, look after each other.
    Miss you both. A big hug coming your way with lots of love 💕😄💙😊 Lou xxx


    • theworldofhanbel says:

      Hey hey! What a reply!
      Yeah, it’s starting to come together which is a relief. Aw you guys are way too cute, loved watching you get your groove on at the wedding.
      Ahahaha haven’t you had enough of joondalup yet? Sounds like you’re a busy little bee, as always 🙂 hope you guys have a wonderful time at breakfast! Miss you guys too!! Xoxox


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