Two Zero One Five

Welcome. We have begun a new year (as I’m sure you are aware – I do vaguely remember a countdown of some sort, and then lots of cheering).
Every man and his dog seems to be creating these resolutions, and while some are generic – eat healthier, exercise more, go whacko for schmackos – I have read some insightful and achievable goals in this past two weeks.

A reoccuring theme is to “unplug”. Put your phone in another room and leave it there. Walk away. Resist the urge to check instagram every five minutes to see how many “likes” you have accumulated.
I’m really digging this one. There are too many tempting social media outlets, websites, blogs and games available in your own damn hand, that I find myself getting caught up in it all a little too much. I recently went to Southbound, a music festival in Bussleton, and as we were camping I decided to switch my phone over to airplane mode and only use it for a watch.
Realistically, I will always need my phone. As previously mentioned, we are in 2015. Technology is the way we all communicate, and helllooooo I am writing a blog. However, it would be nice to get away from it all a bit more and pay attention to the humans in front of me.

In addition to this, I have a few more pearls of wisdom I would like to share with you for the new year.

Things I have learnt in the first 12 days of 2015:

1. Do not bother making resolutions like “I will eat healthier” and “I promise not to eat too much gluten because I am slightly intolerant”, because you will ring the new year in with Maccas. But it will soak up the tequila and prevent a hangover.

2. Do agree to have a French backpacker crash at your house for a week while he finds his Australian feet. He brings good wine.

3. Buy a diary. They help you from double booking activities and remembering which days you are expected to be at work.

4. Do spend a lot of time with your boyfriend over the holidays, because inevitably he will go on a boy’s long weekend trip, then get asked to fly offshore for a week and by the time he comes back you would have left for your long weekend in Brisbane and then you won’t really have seen each other for two weeks. (That one MAY have been a bit specific).

5. Do not think that you can go to the beach and not get burnt. Sunscreen EVERYWHERE.

6. Do go on as many coffee, walking, breakfast dates with your friends. This prevents you from going stir crazy at home. Plus you get lots of gossip and drama, so you don’t have to watch as much TV.

7. Do find some time for your parents. Con them into making you dinner because they are WAY better cooks than you are.

8. Do listen to live music as much as possible, because there is nothing like it!

9. Following on from no. 8, go to festivals more often! Or you will forget how much fun they are and then just look at photos on facebook and assume that everyone just goes to them to take photos of themselves and drink over priced drinks.

10. Take more photos! Otherwise you will come back from holidays with nothing to show for it except this selfie of your new coffee mug that you took five minutes ago:


Happy New Year all! Hope it’s a goodie!