Hanbel, the Weekend Edition

Spring is settling in, and it’s making me a very happy girl. I got to pull my bike out again, enjoy the sun setting a little later and make the most carefree days.

This was my weekend.


I bought this bad boy on friday, the Canon S120. A lot of time was spent playing around with it.


Lowdown put a shout on facebook to come and check out their new space on Friday night, share a bevvy and some banter.


On Saturday I watched my amazing girls Brooke and Lucy (from Luce’s Eternal Sunshine) play in their Grand Final for netball. Sadly, they didn’t win, but played as best they could. I still feel like a proud mamma!


I treated myself to some flowers, at $8 … how could you not?


Andrew and I rode our bikes to Maylands for a drink at Swallow Bar


Followed by dinner and the most amazing Quinoa Chocolate cake at Chapels on Whatley.


Sunday brekky with the girls, at The Ladder in Mt Hawthorn. Good, not great. I wouldn’t rush back if I’m honest.


Lucy and I hopped on our bikes in the afternooon, and rode to Brooke’s place for balcony wine time, plenty of snacks and so many laughs with the rest of the girls.


I rode home solo (Lucy hung around for pizza) so I could spend a little time with Andrew before kick-starting a new week!
I went to sleep early, feeling exhausted but very, very happy.

What did you get up to? x


Sunny Side Up

I love Sundays.
I love breakfast.
I love sunshine.
I love coffee.
I love eggs.
As much as a try to deny it, I love bacon.

What I don’t love is riding my bike up steep hills after I demolished this plate of awesomeness.

We rode to a mate’s house for a late brunch to celebrate his birthday. I say late, because we didn’t eat until midday because of two very hungover “friends” struggling to get out of bed. I got hangry, they are lucky to be alive.

The ride there was quick and easy, the company was amazing and the food even better. The ride home, however, was a huge shock to the system and a massive reminder that I am not as fit as I’d like to be.
Time to get back into gear!

“Apricity” – The Warmth of the Sun in Winter

This weekend, in the middle of a Perth winter, the sun could not stop shining!
I couldn’t help myself by getting excited about doing the washing, and running errands – who knew I was such a housewife?
But after Andrew’s plans to go mountain bike riding fell through, I knew he would get fidgety and frustrated so I suggested we take our cruisier bikes out for a spin.

We packed up the car, and headed down to Riverside Gardens in Bayswater.



I always forget why people stare and giggle at us as we ride past, then I remember that Andrew looks like this:


“I’m pretty badass”



Seriously, this is winter? We are pretty lucky to get days like this. Lately, I find myself becoming more appreciative and trying to make the most of them, rather than spending my weekend in a hungover, “hiding from the world”, “feeling sorry for myself” state (although, I’m pretty sure I will have a few more of these in my future!).
After we came home, I picked some flowers from our garden and pottered around the house, feeling pretty content. Bring on more weekends like this!