Somebody Call Out to Your Brother

Facebook is a funny ole thing, isn’t it? God, I would love to delete it. To be rid of it’s constant reminders that people make stupid comments, or that your life isn’t as good as your work colleague’s, or you don’t care as much about social issues as your old primary school friend.

However, it does make group catch ups even easier to organise. It does let my Mum know that I’m still alive. It does make it a million times easier to make friends in a new city.

It also gives the occasional flashback that makes me smile.

This morning, the book of face reminded me that three years ago, I posted this photo of my brother and I – in celebration of his 21st birthday.

If you’re doing the maths, then yep, today (Perth time) my baby bro turns 24.

My brother and I have a relationship that I am quite proud of. Growing up, we were best friends first and brother and sister second. Our parents moved us around a couple of different countries and cities, and throughout all the changes we were each other’s consistency.

When our parents separated, we banded together, moving from house to house each week and sharing in our annoyances of leaving something behind. We coped together with new family members, adjustments to every day life and moving houses several times. We celebrated our new sibling together, and mourned her death together.

When I travelled Europe for six months, Ali shortly followed. He made his own adventures and walked to the beat of his own drum, but we often met up. One of my favourite memories is Ali joining me in Paris to celebrate my 21st, buying me the most disgusting chocolate cake and wandering the winter markets with me.

As we grow up (eventually) I can see we’re becoming quite different people, but I see nothing wrong with that. I love my brother for everything that he is, everything he has achieved and everything that is yet to come. He’s the sweetest, coolest, most down to earth guy I know and I’m so lucky to be related to him.

Gah, all the emotions – I’m sorry!! Being away from home does this to a person.

Happy Birthday little brother, sending you all kinds of love from across the globe.



Champagne for my Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends

Yesterday was family day.
To celebrate my Grandma’s birthday, my amazing mum put on a huge champagne breakfast.

Seriously, this woman went to TOWN.


She made two types of Kedgeree, scrambled eggs, baked mushrooms, pan-fried mushrooms, baked tomatoes, bacon and kidneys. Plus fresh fruit, orange juice, champagne, tea and coffee. She also went to put croissants in the oven at which point we surrendered to defeat, and begged her to stop feeding us.
The most impressive part of the spread though, was how she catered to everyone. She used lactose free milk in the eggs, and bought me gluten free bread. She cooked the kidneys especially for my brother because he used to love them when he was little. His girlfriend is vegetarian so Mum cooked a separate Kedgeree – sans fish. What a legend!



Visiting Mum’s house means getting to spend time with these funny characters too…

IMG_0578 IMG_0579 IMG_0585

I snuck outside and enjoyed the sunshine with this guy; Mr Darcy…

IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_0588

What a happy chappy!


And what a happy family! Give me more days like these please.

To the woman that taught me “a lady never tells her age” – Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you!