So I Sat There and Had a Glass of Wine

There is nothing like a quick weekend getaway, other than a longer holiday.
Unfortunately, we’re all a little busy with work or study and therefore had to settle for two nights at Dad’s holiday home in Dunsborough.

Andrew picked me up after work last Friday, and we raced down to meet up with Dad, his partner Melissa, my brother Alistair and his girlfriend Ellen. They had wine, dinner and a crackling fire ready for us – what more could you ask for?

Dad and Melissa have had this house for quite a few years now, and I have the best memories of my time there. Andrew and I have snuck away for weekends now and then, we celebrated a Christmas there with the whole family and I am always reminded of summer holidays with Rhiannon. Which is bittersweet, but I’m okay with that.

This time round, we were invited as part of a deal. If we helped them out in the garden, we would be rewarded some decent food and a night out. Seemed pretty reasonable…

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