R & J

A few weeks ago (closer to a month, woops!) I was lucky enough to celebrate the engagement of a dear friend of mine… in BrisVegas!

Jill and I met in London on our individual European adventures, and as all holiday relationships go we fell for each other hard and fast. It’s been almost four years since we met, drank our body weights in cider and beer (that subsequently grew larger as the months past), went on trips to Denmark and France, laughed and, as corny as this will sound, made memories to last a lifetime.

While I headed home to Perth, Jill stayed in London for another year before returning to her hometown of Brisbane.
And lucky she did, because it was here she bumped into her future fiancé: Reuben.

Fast-forward a few years, and I sat on a plane on my way home after spending the weekend celebrating these two love birds. It was also around this time that I realised I left my camera with her, which is why this post is so horribly late. However, there is too much love in these photos, I couldn’t not share them with you.

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