The Bucket (of Food) List

It is quite common to have a bucket list; something to work towards, to plan around, or just to check off occasionally on holiday.
I have one of these in my head, with some items checked off (visit Disneyland, get a tattoo, backpack around Europe) and many more to go (live in a different country, sky dive, make a difference).

However, the list that is currently taking my attention is one steering towards my palate. I am obsessed with researching restaurants, bars, cafes and recipes to try out. My entire day revolves around my next meal, that new place down the road or that one restaurant I’ll make it to… one day.

I’ve tried to narrow it down, because – lesbihonest – I could go on FOREVER.

2015-11-04 11_40_15-Lune Croissanterie (@lunecroissant) • Instagram photos and videos
2015-11-04 11_17_41-@26grains • Instagram photos and videos2015-11-04 11_27_48-Varsity Burgers Northbridge on Instagram_ “burgers American style🇺🇸 🍔 🍟 📷_

1. Sauma, Northbridge WA (Indian Pub Food, I’m so curious!)
2. Lune Croissanterie, Fitzroy VIC
3. 26 Grains, London UK (porridge bucket list!)
4. Varsity Burgers, Perth WA (how have I still not been?!)

2015-11-04 11_34_07-by CHLOE. (@bychefchloe) • Instagram photos and videosVovovroom2015-11-04 11_36_23-In-N-Out Burger (@innout) • Instagram photos and videos2015-11-04 11_21_02-OatMeals
5. By Chloe, New York USA (Mainly for Celeb stalking, but also – healthy!)
6. Gelato Messina, Fitzroy VIC (I’ve been to one in Sydney, but it is necessary to try it in a different state – right?)
7. More Burgers – In-N-Out, Los Angeles USA
8. Oat Meals, New York USA

2015-11-04 11_30_32-The Kettle Black (@kettleblackcafe) • Instagram photos and videos2015-11-04 13_31_47-The Itinerary - The Fat Duck

9. Sweet Green, All over USA
10. The Kettle Black, Melbourne VIC
11. The Fat Duck, London UK (ONE DAY, maybe..)
12. The Plaza, New York USA (specifically for High Tea)

*All images courtesy of the restaurant’s website or instagram, links are provided

Well, I’m sure you can tell what my favourite places are.. or where I’d really like to visit. I couldn’t have added in any other locations or we’d all be here for far too long. Gosh, I’m salivating just thinking of these.
I’m off to Melbourne this weekend to check a few off this list – catch you on the flip side! (With plenty to blog about I’m sure)