“You like Coffee?” … “Only with my Oxygen”

The first thing you need to know about me is my dependency on coffee. Both my mum and Andrew know not to talk to me about anything serious (or if they can help it, anything at all) before my morning coffee.
They both learnt the hard way.
After coffee time though, I am sunshine and rainbows.

Working in the city has so many perks, but the most important (to me) is the close proximity to a decent cup of joe.
I have a coffee buddy, who is equally as addicted as I am, and every morning at 10:00am we stroll down to Lowdown.


Lowdown is run by two brothers, Mark and Adam, who also have a sister cafe in Mt Lawley called Bossman, definitely worth a visit.
These guys are awesome, they always remember your name and order and they notice when you’re not there. I recently started feeling sick after my morning hit, which I am sure was an early onset to the super flu I was struck down with last week. This meant that I hadn’t visited the boys for a couple of weeks.
Today I was handed my cup of heaven, and a heartfelt “Welcome back, Hannah”.




Not to mention the coffee is boss, and the cakes on offer make for a delicious Friday treat. They are hipster as anything, but also great guys and I love my daily visit. Plus, this bad boy truely gets me through the day:


The boys are located in Cloisters Arcade, which is currently undergoing some renovations. Once they are underway Lowdown will shimmy on over to a new spot (still within the Arcade). Looking forward to the new look, keep an eye on the blog for updates!
Happy drinking. x