Why You So Obessed with Me?

Hello beautiful people!

It is time again to share my latest obsessions… I get hooked on things quite easily, but also change my mind quite often.

*Apologies in advance, a lot of these are food related. I’m hungry.

1. Bircher Muesli

IMG_5226I eat this for breakfast. Every. Single. Day. I love it, and can’t get enough!
Oats are one of the best foods to start your day with, SO MANY health benefits, including fibre for your heart and good carbs to burn throughout the day.
To make this bowl of deliciousness, I soak 1/2 cup oats in almond milk overnight.
In the morning I add half a grated apple and a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt – stir to combine.
And then the toppings! These change regularly; the above is kiwi fruit, a little nut mix and maple syrup = heaven in a bowl.

2. Netflix 

I know, SO late to the party. We began with Stan because that was available in Australia first, and then we got hooked on Community and couldn’t give it up. However, this past weekend we gave in.

It’s Netflix time. Give me allllllll the Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Arrested Development, Suits etc.
Goodbye free time!

3. Charcuterie Boards


With the weather cooling right down, it’s definitely the time for comfort food. Wine and cheese nights have never been more welcome. Especially when you don’t have to leave the house.
Saturday Date Night In consisted of grabbing a picnic from Smoults Deli, opening a bottle of red, moving our mattress into the lounge room (in front of the heater) and watching Django Unchained, courtesy of [No. 2].

4. Mandarins!

IMG_5287 IMG_5286

With citrus in season, how can I go past these little morsels to up my “2 fruit and 5 veg” intake.

5. Goodreads

This website/app is must for all book worms out there. My dear friends Lucy and Brooke were already on this bandwagon, and introduced the other half of book club to all it’s possibilities.
It’s fantastic! You can log all the books you’ve ever read, and even track the dates to see how many books you’ve read in a year.
You get to rate each book as you add it to your list, as well as log books you want to read in the future.
If you log in through facebook, you can see what all your other friends are reading and how they rate them all.
Finally, if you download the app you can literally scan in the barcode of your own books to add them to your list.

BRILLIANT! My inner book nerd is rejoicing!

What are you all obsessed with at the moment?
Share away…


People Who Love to Eat are Always the Best People

“I’d be so skinny if I didn’t love food so much” Hannah, every day.

But I do, I do love food. So SO much. I have an obsession with needing to try everything, find new combinations, hit that latest breakfast spot, create a new dish at home.
I’m not an overly talented cook, but I am trying and improving! I am, however, an exceptional eater.

Therefore, Mum’s suggestion of hitting up the Good Food and Wine Show this past weekend was a no brainer.

Perth Good Food & Wine Show Tickets

In short, this is a huge event for foodies and vendors alike. With hundreds of exhibitors, master classes, Celebrity presentations and more, the Convention Centre gets packed out quickly. Which is why we decided to get in early (before all the free wine samples settled in).

IMG_5272 The fourth cheese along there (wrapped in a vine leaf), was delicious! It was the Bruny Island “Oen” and it was also ridiculously strong, and we smelt of cheese for the rest of the day; rookies.

IMG_5273 IMG_5274 IMG_5275

This was the only product all day that tempted me enough to buy it. Good, old fashioned peanut butter to add to my collection.
If you have a nut allergy, don’t come to my house; I’ll come to yours.

IMG_5276We kept the wine sampling to minimum, as it was still morning, but Mum couldn’t go past her favourite – Mr Riggs.
The McLaren Vale Shiraz was heavenly, and concreted my decision to visit that wine region one day.


Feeling a little more peckish, we visited the Grazing Garden where our old friends Comida Do Sul were serving some new creations.

IMG_5278We snacked on this Banana/Coconut Ceviche while getting our seats for the Theatre. It was zingy, smooth, sweet, savoury and a few more contradictory flavours! The punchy lime dressing and vibrant red onion were mellowed out by the banana, with the coconut and coriander topping it off the create a surprising palate explosion. Was it a dessert? Was it savoury? Who the hell cares, it was delicious!

The timing worked out well for us to sit down and watch Adam Liaw (former Masterchef winner) cook up a storm. He introduced the session by explaining that he wanted to have a conversation with us, and proved it by answering all questions, walking out into the audience and running way over time because he was trying to explain things so thoroughly.

I learnt so much in his 45 minutes on stage about Asian cooking, and general kitchen tips.

1. When assembling a rice paper roll, don’t let the rice paper soak for too long. It should be the consistency of a child’s raincoat.

2. Put your rice paper rolls filling on one side, and the prawns towards the other. That way when you are finished rolling, the prawns will end up on top, and your rolls will look restaurant standard.

3. When creating a sauce, and trying to find the balance just begin with two ingredients. Mix your sweet and sour together until they tastes pleasant, and then add in savoury. Keep it simple!

4. Don’t forget about the 5th taste – Umami. Google it, trust me.

Thank you Adam, just thank you!
IMG_5282Once Adam had finished up, we decided to grab our last morsels and GTFO because it was getting hectic.
We began a hunt for dumplings, because why not? Mum spotted the Jumplings stall and I did a little internal cheer.
Having eaten these a couple of times already, I remembered exactly how delicious they are!
We grabbed the duck dumplings, because I couldn’t bring myself to pay $24 for lobster with truffle shavings. Although now I’m thinking about them and getting massive regret.

 IMG_5283 IMG_5284

We finished up with another old favourite, Chicho Gelato, because we couldn’t walk past the new flavours they had on offer. Both of us plumped for the “Roast Fig, Marscapone with Balsamic Caramel”, which didn’t taste of fig or balsamic but was delectable all the same.


All in all, a great way to spend a frosty morning in Perth. We came, we ate, we conquered.
And I was complimented on my lipstick, so… winning!*

Happy eating all, enjoy your food, enjoy your life!

*It’s Morange AA2 from MAC, if you’re curious.