I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jinglin’

YOU GUYS. There are only 30 days left until Christmas. Welcome to The Holiday Season. Capitalised, because it is so very important.

This season honestly makes me so happy, especially at the beginning. When most people are complaining that fruit mince pies are stocked in supermarkets too early (no such thing), and that the decorations shouldn’t be hung in November (lies!), that’s the moment I start feeling that Christmas cheer!

Do you remember this book that I was coveting last year?
Well, I actually received it from my boss last year, and I swear it has been a lifesaver! I started planning a little early, organised where I would buy all of my Christmas presents and staggered my purchases.

I try to do a lot of my shopping online. I find it so much easier (not having to physically go into shops prevents so much stress), but you do need to be organised to allow for delivery time. My favourite websites for Christmas presents include the following:


I get 90% of my presents from this site. From personalised santa sacks, to beautiful handmade necklaces and quirky homewares this website dishes out some truly unique gifts.

www.etsy.com/au/Rustic Merry Christmas Gift Tags/ Retro Reindeer Tags/ Rustic Vintage Christmas - XX6

Etsy will always be king. I love this site for cheap handmade items, like the gift tags above (which I have ordered and am in love with).

www.coolmaterial.comBoston Harbor Distillery Makes Whiskey From Sam Adams Beer

Google is your friend. He will lead you to places such as this which help you to find presents you didn’t even know existed, but are perfect for that special someone.

Harry Potter: The Official Adult Colouring Book

Forget Booktopia or the Book Depository, Angus and Robertson have the cheapest books and the best delivery times. With constant sales, I picked up a few secret santa cookbooks for well within the $$ limit.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of this one. Ebay is great for the material sources; wrapping paper, burlap, ribbon, bells and other decorations you need to get in bulk. Word to the wise though, get in early. Ebay shipping times are so varied and you want to make sure this stuff arrives.

Special mention to The Urban List and Instagram account @perth_pop, for showcasing local talent. When I’m not scouring the net, I do love being able to shop local and support small business. Visiting local farmer’s markets and events around Perth are also a great way to pick up knick-knacks that you’re almost guaranteed the receiver won’t have seen before.

To me, this is one of the best parts of Christmas. I love being able to find something small that will put a smile on the face of someone you love. It’s like a little reminder to them that you know them, love them and appreciate them. So please, for my sake, remember that when you do your shopping and I promise it won’t be as stressful as you think.



Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

6 sleeps to go. It’s my final day of work for the year, and everything is getting quieter… calmer.
A lot of people have left for their holidays already, we’ve wrapped up most of the work and swapped our secret santa presents.
I love the last few days leading up to Christmas. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree, Christmas Day plans are sorted and you have a chance to take a breath and relax.
The Christmas parties around this time help as well! (I have Andrew’s tonight)

So to all of you (whoever you are – Hi Mum!) I wish you a very merry Christmas. Take this time to enjoy yourself, de-stress, hug your loved ones, LAUGH, please laugh!
Allow yourself a few treats, you’ll have time to work it off in the new year. But more importantly, stay safe and happy!

Lots of love and best Christmas wishes,

grumpy catpolar expressbing crosbyVictoria's secretThe_Grinch_(That_Stole_Christmas)vicar of dibleyMichael Buble's Christmas In New York - Season 1home alonemean girlscoca-cola-santa-clausmariah careybuddylove actually

Grumpy catThe Polar Express Bing CrosbyVictoria’s secret –  The Grinch – Vicar of Dibley Michael Buble and Barbra StreisandHome AloneMean Girls Coca Cola Santa Mariah Carey – Buddy the Elf – Love Actually


Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Although I’m not sure if I would trust any of us with an open fire.
I’m fairly sure that would end badly, and slightly dampen the Christmas spirit.

But, we were allowed to bake in a safe, monitored environment, with limited use of the stove.

One of my work gals suggested going to a Christmas baking course at The Cooking Professor.
Which of course, I said no to, because I hate Christmas.
And baking.

HA! I could not contain my excitment.
Especially since my mate said we would all have to wear Christmas hats and that she was packing Christmas tunes and Irish Cream to take along with her.

IMG_4426The sight of ingredients all laid out, perfectly measured and ready to be turned into something delicious. I cannot explain how much I love seeing this.
Baking, for me, is such a calming exercise. I love that it all begins as simple ingredients, but when you use the correct amounts and combine them in the right way, something magical happens.
And that magic is cake.


This is one of my special work gals. We were paired up to make “Magic Pastry” filled with fruit mince, and mini friands.
The rest of the room also worked in pairs (like little elves) to create Christmas cake, stain-glass window cookies, mini gingerbread cakes, lemon trifles, and snowball cookies.

I cannot recommend The Cooking Professor enough! We had so much fun, and especially after the disappointing wreath making class (which I didn’t blog, because it wasn’t Christmass-y at all. We basically just made centre pieces with apricots on them) this class exceeded our festive expectations!
Our teacher was Tirtza Pisk, and although she lead with the disclaimer that she is from Israel and doesn’t celebrate Christmas, she was incredible!
She gave us clear instructions, and the right amout of support to ensure our treats came out perfectly – while letting us do the work so we could take credit.


These friands were SOOOOO easy and so delectable! The key was all in the butter. I never cook mine further than just melting it, but if you let it bubble up it turns this beautiful nutty brown colour and has the most amazing caramel taste to it. That buttery goodness made all the difference.


What a magnificent sugar filled feast. We all tucked in, sharing plates and asking questions – like a family. (Too cheesy? Did I lose you?)
It was really nice though, sitting back and having a look at the hard work we’d put in, and then being able to share our goodies with the rest of the class.
We were given take -away containers (thank god!) and bundled up our treats and recipes to show off to people at home.

The gingerbread cakes are incredible! The top is gorgeously crunchy drizzled with a citrus icing. This is one I will definitely be making over the holidays, and if anyone would like any of the recipes let me know!

Merry baking to all!


Faithful Friends Who are Deer to Us..

What a week this was! I think it was the best all year..
Last weekend the birthday celebrations begun with lunch at Nobu with Andrew, my Dad and my step-mum. Ah-mazing as always!
Andrew treated me to breakfast on Sunday morning at Mrs S, and then the rest of the day was dedicated to Christmas baking:

IMG_4378I made these little guys for the best day at work. Every year we set up the Christmas tree in the morning, while singing along to Michael Buble. Once it’s ready, the whole office meets us for a morning tea, raising funds for a charity. This year, the donations went towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The next day, I celebrated turning 24 with coffee, danishes, presents – Andrew even made sushi at home, drove in and picked me up from work so we could eat lunch in King’s Park.
Mum picked us up later that night for dinner at Catina 663, and we brought along a bottle of Maiolo red we’d been saving from a trip down south ages ago.

We had our work Christmas party on Friday night, at Bib & Tucker. It’s always nice seeing everyone let their hair down after a year of working so hard.
Unfortunately I have zero photos from the night, so I will have to wait for the professional ones!

The real highlight though, was our Girl’s Christmas.
An annual affair, yesterday we celebrated for the fourth year running.


Courtney decorated her house beautifully, keeping with her beachy theme.
We rolled in around 2:30pm, with a plate of food each- ready for a sneaky beverage and a dip in the pool.
Once all the girls had arrived, we exchanged secret santa presents and showed off our gifts. Mine was clearly the best:



The food. Oh, the food! I glazed me a ham, Rachel cooked her beautiful roast pork, Jasmine and Kendra brought some much needed salads, Anh provided gorgeous, fresh prawns and a huge fruit platter, Bri supplied us with pre-dinner snacks (oh how we love dips!), Laura roasted some hearty veges and Lucy made an amazing Pavlova! A huge call, considering I don’t even like Pav.

My little carver, she did such a good job!

However, Brooke brought the greatest gift of all.



IMG_4412To my beautiful friends, Merry Christmas! I love you all to bits, and hope that this is a tradition that we carry on for many more years to come.
It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite days of the year.


You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

He’s coming. That old mate Santa Claus. He’s coming to town!

We are well and truely in the midst of the Christmas countdown. Today is the 25th of November, marking one month to make the most of the merriment.
I have said this to a lot of people over the years, and I stick by it now – I love the build up to Christmas Day much more than the day itself.

I’m a sucker for all things sparkly and magical so when those Christmas lights and trees start going up, I can’t contain my excitement.
I just feel that this season waves this mist over everything and everyone. We all have a little break to look forward to, we’re encouraged to think of our loved ones and what makes them happy, and we are given a little distraction from the day-to-day routine.

In Perth, there are a few events happening all over town to assist in the magic.

Over the weekend I went to the Christmas Markets held in Forrest Place, in the city. They were a little underwhelming, having used the same vendors from Angove Street Festival, Beaufort Street Art Market and the Beaufort Street Festival. As amazing as it is that they are showcasing local talent, I felt like I had seen it all before and was hoping for more of a Christmas theme.
Regardless, I still picked up a little present and am happy I went.

Bring on the next events!


Via Twigged by Tali Facebook

Tonight, I am accompanying some work friends to the Twigged by Tali wreath making course, held at Rochelle Adonis – with high tea to follow!
I am sooooooo excited, I have already bought a wreath hanger from Target ($5!!) and praying that my wreath making skills are somewhat decent.


The Leederville Carnival is happening on the 7th of December. It will include all the usual suspects – food stalls, art markets, crafts, live music, flowing drinks, people everywhere.
If you stick around until 8pm, they turn on the Christmas lights – which is always such a nice moment!




Via Experience Perth

There are so many events and daily christmas activities happening in Perth this year, most of which can be found here.
Everyday, at 11:45am and 1:15pm London Court in the city will put on a “snow show”, giving us a little taste of a winter wonderland. In the middle of summer…

One to take the kiddies along to is the Channel 7 and West Australian Christmas Pageant on the 6th of December along St George’s Terrace, also in the city.

Another event that is probably for the kiddies, but I have no shame in attending is held in the Northbridge Piazza throughout December. Festive Flicks, including The Polar Express, Elf and The Grinch will be shown on the big screen FOR FREE. Winning.


Via News.com.au

There are about a million Carols by Candlelight events in perth, the search for the best has begun here.
We never went when I was a kid (don’t ask me why!), so I’ll have to take your advice on which is the best.


I am also heading off to another exciting class – Christmas Baking at the Cooking Professor. Gingerbread skills come at me!

This is not even half at what is going on in Perth, so I would suggest you keep an eye out in your area for anything else fun to do! Enjoy the season with your family and friends, it is the best way to make the most of your time off.

What events do you go to every year?