10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy About Fall


  1. Crunchy orange leaves, waiting to be climbed over
  2. Scarves, jackets, gloves, beanies and boots (what will winter bring?)
  3. The first of the crockpot meals, pulled pork tacos no less!
  4. Netflix marathons…
  5. With comfy trackies and warm tea
  6. The first snowfall of the season!
  7. Rosy cheeks and cold noses
  8. My first and last Pumpkin Spice Latte
  9. Fairy lights in pine trees
  10. Cold, crispy air on my very early morning walks to work


Hanbel’s Life Lately.

IMG_4691 IMG_4692
Dying with cuteness overload from my friend’s 3 week old kittens. They were wriggling around and squeaking like mad, so trying to snap a picture was a challenge indeed.
My mum is going to take one of the chocolate babies when they’re old enough, CANNOT WAIT.
Bircher muesli from Canvas Cafe in the Fremantle Arts Centre, I loooooove bircher a little too much.

IMG_4702 IMG_4703  IMG_4705 IMG_4706IMG_4723IMG_4711IMG_4712IMG_4714IMG_4717IMG_4718
Checking out a little of what Freo has to offer, including the MANY 6160 space. My mum, ever the librarian, couldn’t get enough of the books on display.IMG_4720
Trying to fight a cold with this very, very green juice from Panache. Plus half of season one of The Nanny.
Back at work, finally feeling like myself again. Kick-starting the day with my all-time favourite breakfast – overnight oats. Today’s is topped with honey, white nectarine, coconut and slivered almonds.
Some food for thought.

Have a good week, all!