Obrigado Mama

What do you do when your boyfriend has to work offshore all weekend? Have a Harry Potter marathon of course!
It was such a wild Saturday night with my girls, eating pizza, comparing the books to the movies and giggling like school girls.

I followed this up by taking my Mum to Angove Street Festival on Sunday.
She had been wanting to try the Comida Do Sul Food Truck for ages, and I noticed that they were setting up shop there.

We dodged the rain, and snuck into Addison and Steele for a caffeine hit.


I’d been meaning to go for such a long time, after a friend proclaimed it as “the best coffee in Perth”. I’m still such a Lowdown/Bossman sucker, but I must admit it was a great cup of Joe.

The sun made it’s grand entrance, so we started making our way through the markets.

IMG_4223IMG_4224IMG_4229There were all the usual suspects – vintage clothes, records, handmade jewellery and delicious treats.
In true Perth style, we bumped into familiar faces and lingered for a quick catch up.
I really love that about this city, it’s small enough that you tend to see people you know all the time, but large enough to have your own lives and not be living on top of one another.

IMG_4228IMG_4226IMG_4230My date for the day..

IMG_4233IMG_4231I picked up this gem from one of the stalls, but I could have bought so many more!


Finally, our grumbling stomachs got the better of us, and we made our way to the Comida Do Sul truck.


It was like something straight out of a movie. Specifically, this movie.
They were having fun, we were having fun and the food was DELICIOUS.

We both had the Choripan –  Chorizo, homemade mayo, vinagrete and chimmichurri in a toasted bun. It was incredible! Packed full of fresh flavour surrounded by a perfect bun.

IMG_4215IMG_4243Just look at that happy face!
I love my Mum’s company, and that she is willing to check out new places and things to do. Days like this one make me very grateful for this special lady!