“Apricity” – The Warmth of the Sun in Winter

This weekend, in the middle of a Perth winter, the sun could not stop shining!
I couldn’t help myself by getting excited about doing the washing, and running errands – who knew I was such a housewife?
But after Andrew’s plans to go mountain bike riding fell through, I knew he would get fidgety and frustrated so I suggested we take our cruisier bikes out for a spin.

We packed up the car, and headed down to Riverside Gardens in Bayswater.



I always forget why people stare and giggle at us as we ride past, then I remember that Andrew looks like this:


“I’m pretty badass”



Seriously, this is winter? We are pretty lucky to get days like this. Lately, I find myself becoming more appreciative and trying to make the most of them, rather than spending my weekend in a hungover, “hiding from the world”, “feeling sorry for myself” state (although, I’m pretty sure I will have a few more of these in my future!).
After we came home, I picked some flowers from our garden and pottered around the house, feeling pretty content. Bring on more weekends like this!