I am in a blogging lull, a slump, a drought.
With no oasis in sight.

Ha! It’s really not that bad, I just need some more content. Which means I probably need to do more.
Never fear, a long weekend is near. I promise you a decent post soon!

In the meantime, let me share with you my current sources of inspiration.

You’ll notice on my sidebar >>> a list of blogs I follow, which I think is good place to begin.
Through WordPress and Bloglovin’ I have an automated list of blogs showing their recent updates, but the ones I look forward to the most are:

lovetazacupcakes and cashmerelclaurenconrad
kaylaitsines (2)luceseternalsunshineandrewbrooks

1. Love, Taza

Naomi and her adorable family are my absolute favourites right now.
This is all about life in New York, her hipster hubby and the hilarious things her kids say.

2. Cupcakes and Cashmere

Two words. Daily Updates.
I check my blogs everyday, and when their content is updated so regularly, it’s hard not to stay hooked.
Entertaining, lifestyle, decorating, FOOD tips. Emily is your go-to.

3. Lauren Conrad

My guilty pleasure. But, actually not that guilty, because she managed to create an empire from a reality tv series.
A damn classy and professional empire at that too.

4. The Tig

For anyone who watches Suits and is in love with Rachel Zane. Which is everyone that watches Suits.
Meghan Markle is the best dressed foodie, that you need to stalk – like ASAP.

5. Zo they Say

One half of the funniest couple in Australia. Follow Mrs Zoe Foster-Blake, her beauty advice (showcasing her products – Go-To), her chubby bubby, Meowbert and the one and only Hamish Blake. I giggle. Out loud. A lot.

6. My Name is Yeh

A recent find of mine, Molly Yeh is beyond fascinating. From living in New York to a farm in North Dakota, Molly is discovering herself through food.
And lots of sprinkles. (Her discovery of fairy bread is so adorable).

7. Kayla Itsines

Every Aussie girl knows this name. She’s an Adelaid-ian taking over the fitness world. As well as running her Bikini Body Guide and HELP Food Guide, she runs a blog that I find beyond useful.
It includes all kinds of daily tips – my favourites lately are 6 ways to bounce back into your exercise routine, how to build the best grocery list and the best foods to eat when you have your period.

8. Luce’s Eternal Sunshine

You would have seen me mention this girl before, as she is one of my besties! Bias aside, I do believe she’s one of the best writers out there.
I devour anything she posts, and pretty soon I’m going to start begging her to write a book. Get involved immediately!

Definitely not a blog, but here’s another source of inspiration:

9. Andrew

Sorry! I know, I’m so cheesy. He’s the best though. Even after working 12 hours shifts this week at a horrible worksite, he still comes home smiling and trying to be positive.
Plus he buys nutella and pancake mix for the pantry, what a star!

This is a little snippet of my daily reads, however, I could go on forever and ever. Isn’t the internet a wonderful place?

Happy Reading!