An Easter Post That Has Nothing to do with Easter.


Instead, this one is about PEANUT BUTTER.
I spent my Easter long weekend doing a lot of non-Easter related things. I worked through Andrew’s family Good Friday Picnic.
I felt so rude, glued to my phone, looking up every now and then to interject with my opinions and steal some prawns. Damn work!

Saturday was spent on the couch nursing a headache (what is up with my body lately?!) and Easter Sunday I cleaned the house, baked cookies and watched the Nanny.

Kicking it back to Sunday morning, I was sitting in a very clean house wondering to myself and Andrew “whaddamigonnadoooooo with my afternoon?”.
To which he very selflessly suggested I do some baking.

Hence, peanut butter cookies! (Because I already had all the ingredients).
I used this recipe, but swapping out almond extract for vanilla. Simply because that’s what was on hand.

This is the best peanut butter, IF you eat it by the tonne and can’t justify full -fat Kraft anymore.

IMG_4825 IMG_4826 IMG_4827
This recipe could not be any easier, just the above ingredients ^

It also calls for salt, but as the chocolate I used is “Sea Salt” flavour, I didn’t add any. Kinda wish I had though, but I’m a major sucker for that sweet/salty combo.

I didn’t use all the chocolate, more for later this week!
I just LOVE seeing freshly baked cookies cooling in their trays.
And there you have it, a super easy recipe if ever you need cookies pronto. They aren’t the prettiest cookies in the world, but they taste pretty damn good.
They’re also relatively healthy, and you can substitute the syrup for better quality maple syrup or honey to make it a little nicer for your body.

Happy Tuesday kiddos, I hope you all had a lovely and safe break.