Beaches, Babies, Beers and Brides (Part One)

It’s Monday the 31st of October… Halloween. It’s a perfect 20 degree day with the sun shining brightly over the backyard. Alistair’s cactus has bloomed, and Darcy has consequently bitten the flower since then (Darcy is Mum’s dog, not a human – that would be weird). Baker’s Delight have started stocking their fruit mince pies and we’ve snagged a couple to eat while watching Love Actually. My backpack is packed, my final catch ups completed, my stomach content and my heart is so, so full.

Our two and a half week trip home is nearing an end, and a little part of me is relieved. To say it’s been busy would be an understatement. However, it has been so worth the long journey home.


We hit the ground running seeing family, friends and the familiar sights of our home town. I think on day two I was already back at Jacob’s ladder, simultaneously checking out the city and struggling to breath.

We visited our beloved beach and fought against the sea breeze to ride down to Yelo for a coffee and breakfast. I never realised how much I love our seaside until we were away from it for an extended period of time.


The first week we stayed with Andrew’s parents, his sister Chelsea and their cat named Tess. I must admit it was lovely to wake up and have the house full of people running off for bike rides, or making coffee, chit-chatting the whole time.

One quiet day in the middle of the week we thought we’d play tourists in our own city and headed out to hike a little at Lesmurdie Falls.

This hike was quite the opposite of those we’ve done in Canada, but it was just as serene. Nothing makes me feel more at home or more relaxed than hearing the birds chirping, insects buzzing and kookaburras laughing in the middle of the bush. This day was such a nice reminder of why we will eventually return to this beautiful part of the world.

I was also lucky enough to spend a decent chunk of time catching up with my favourite gals. My beautiful Brianna was back in town for a weekend (she’s moved to Melbourne since I’ve been gone) and we all celebrated over wine and pizza at the Beaufort Street event Beauvine.


The wine tasting was warmly welcomed, the food was tasty but the company was what made my night worth it. There’s something to be said about a friendship that can pick up right where it left off no matter how much time has passed. I’m fortunate enough to have eight of these, and seeing all of these faces makes me one happy gal indeed.

More to come on our time in Perth, if you can believe it our second week was busier than the first!
For now, Mum and I are celebrating Christmas instead of Halloween and making up for lost time.


What Could Be More Important Than a Little Something to Eat?

There’s something unnerving and interesting about being a tourist in your own city. Quite often we live our lives in our comfort zones. We get in habits and frequent the same areas for catch ups, dinners and shopping.

Before we take off to explore new land, I really wanted to head down to Fremantle to explore some old land. Though it’s only a half an hour drive, we very rarely get our butts down to this end of town. And what a mistake that is, Freo = foodie heaven.


With two of my best gal pals in tow, we wandered around the town, through the markets and around the marina. If anyone is wondering, three is the magic number for food sharing. We were able to sample so many things without getting ridiculous with the portioning.


Chimek, What the Bao and Muffle & Co stole our hearts, wallets and stomach capacity. The New York Buffalo Wings are deeeelightful! Spicy and saucy, with the crunchiest fries on the side. I suggest you follow this up with some bao buns; we recommend the Crispy Skin Duck, Soft Shell Crab and Korean Beef.


After you walk off the first round of food, and wash it down with a drink at one of the 27,000 bars and pubs around, it’s time for dessert.

Enter: the Muffle. A thing of beauty.


Waffle mix (which tastes more like pancakes?) with a surprise in each bubble, forming a cone which is then filled with toppings and ice cream. We got the banoffee to slide us right into a food coma and craving an afternoon nap.

Thank you Anh and Rach for our mini Freo tour, I’ve loved hitting up some of the best spots in Perth with the best company.

IMG_0198IMG_0196My hot dates

Now, get yourself down there and try those bao buns!!!



The Bucket (of Food) List

It is quite common to have a bucket list; something to work towards, to plan around, or just to check off occasionally on holiday.
I have one of these in my head, with some items checked off (visit Disneyland, get a tattoo, backpack around Europe) and many more to go (live in a different country, sky dive, make a difference).

However, the list that is currently taking my attention is one steering towards my palate. I am obsessed with researching restaurants, bars, cafes and recipes to try out. My entire day revolves around my next meal, that new place down the road or that one restaurant I’ll make it to… one day.

I’ve tried to narrow it down, because – lesbihonest – I could go on FOREVER.

2015-11-04 11_40_15-Lune Croissanterie (@lunecroissant) • Instagram photos and videos
2015-11-04 11_17_41-@26grains • Instagram photos and videos2015-11-04 11_27_48-Varsity Burgers Northbridge on Instagram_ “burgers American style🇺🇸 🍔 🍟 📷_

1. Sauma, Northbridge WA (Indian Pub Food, I’m so curious!)
2. Lune Croissanterie, Fitzroy VIC
3. 26 Grains, London UK (porridge bucket list!)
4. Varsity Burgers, Perth WA (how have I still not been?!)

2015-11-04 11_34_07-by CHLOE. (@bychefchloe) • Instagram photos and videosVovovroom2015-11-04 11_36_23-In-N-Out Burger (@innout) • Instagram photos and videos2015-11-04 11_21_02-OatMeals
5. By Chloe, New York USA (Mainly for Celeb stalking, but also – healthy!)
6. Gelato Messina, Fitzroy VIC (I’ve been to one in Sydney, but it is necessary to try it in a different state – right?)
7. More Burgers – In-N-Out, Los Angeles USA
8. Oat Meals, New York USA

2015-11-04 11_30_32-The Kettle Black (@kettleblackcafe) • Instagram photos and videos2015-11-04 13_31_47-The Itinerary - The Fat Duck

9. Sweet Green, All over USA
10. The Kettle Black, Melbourne VIC
11. The Fat Duck, London UK (ONE DAY, maybe..)
12. The Plaza, New York USA (specifically for High Tea)

*All images courtesy of the restaurant’s website or instagram, links are provided

Well, I’m sure you can tell what my favourite places are.. or where I’d really like to visit. I couldn’t have added in any other locations or we’d all be here for far too long. Gosh, I’m salivating just thinking of these.
I’m off to Melbourne this weekend to check a few off this list – catch you on the flip side! (With plenty to blog about I’m sure)


Why You So Obsessed With Me?

It’s been a while since I’ve done up one of these lists, I know you all must be dying to know what’s on my mind right now.

So, without further adieu, current obsessions include:

  1. The Urban List
    Since Urbanspoon was bought out by Zomato, I am in desperate need of restaurant advice.
    Enter The Urban List. Not exclusively food orientated, this website offers tips and reviews on cafes, bars, pubs, shops, health clubs and online purchases throughout this fine city.
    Best Restaurants Perth Things To Do Perth
    I’m currently eating my way through their “50 Meals You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Perth“. 12 down, so much deliciousness to go.
    My new snack. So much crunch, a little bite of salt and not too moorish (so I don’t devour the whole packet in one sitting). Perfect for mid-morning, when it’s far too early to scoff down lunch.
  3. This Updo
    My hairdresser is a magician. How she managed to create an updo with these baby hairs is beyond me! I had this done for a wedding, and it stayed in place for around 12 hours. If you’re in the Northern suburbs and in need of a hairdresser, look up AZ Hairstylist on the book. She’s a gem!
  4. Scar Tissue
    96647I’m re-reading this bad boy, and it still astonishes me how Anthony Keidis is still alive. The amount of drugs that have gone through his system, combined with downright dangerous situations is a recipe for disaster, but instead he produced incredible music. Great read!
  5. Pumpkins!
    Can you tell that Halloween is around the corner? I know as Aussies we’re not big celebrators of the holiday, but I still love a little festivity.

    My little guy from 2011..

    My favourite American bloggers have been visiting pumpkin patches this week, and making me super jealous. Love, Taza and her littles,  Barefoot Blonde and her babe, and Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere has it on her to-do list. One day I’ll get to do that…
    For now, I’ll settle for cooking something pumpkin based, watching Hocus Pocus and making Andrew carve a pumpkin or two with me.

And those are just a few of my favourite things. This week at least!