What Could Be More Important Than a Little Something to Eat?

There’s something unnerving and interesting about being a tourist in your own city. Quite often we live our lives in our comfort zones. We get in habits and frequent the same areas for catch ups, dinners and shopping.

Before we take off to explore new land, I really wanted to head down to Fremantle to explore some old land. Though it’s only a half an hour drive, we very rarely get our butts down to this end of town. And what a mistake that is, Freo = foodie heaven.


With two of my best gal pals in tow, we wandered around the town, through the markets and around the marina. If anyone is wondering, three is the magic number for food sharing. We were able to sample so many things without getting ridiculous with the portioning.


Chimek, What the Bao and Muffle & Co stole our hearts, wallets and stomach capacity. The New York Buffalo Wings are deeeelightful! Spicy and saucy, with the crunchiest fries on the side. I suggest you follow this up with some bao buns; we recommend the Crispy Skin Duck, Soft Shell Crab and Korean Beef.


After you walk off the first round of food, and wash it down with a drink at one of the 27,000 bars and pubs around, it’s time for dessert.

Enter: the Muffle. A thing of beauty.


Waffle mix (which tastes more like pancakes?) with a surprise in each bubble, forming a cone which is then filled with toppings and ice cream. We got the banoffee to slide us right into a food coma and craving an afternoon nap.

Thank you Anh and Rach for our mini Freo tour, I’ve loved hitting up some of the best spots in Perth with the best company.

IMG_0198IMG_0196My hot dates

Now, get yourself down there and try those bao buns!!!



The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Two weeks into my unemployed life, and I’ve never been more relaxed… or freaked out because I’m so relaxed.

I wake up, and have nothing to do. No one will get mad if I don’t turn up somewhere, there aren’t really any emails to check and technically speaking I have no reason to get out of bed.

My brain won’t let me do that though, it wants me to be as busy as ever. Which means the last two weeks have been full of mountain biking, HIIT, walks, yoga, selling our things on gumtree, scouring for a casual job, grabbing coffee and anything else I can think of.

IMG_0033Howdy Coffee, in Bayswater [sooooooooo good]


I do all that, and still have so much free time. It’s been a real struggle coming out of full time work, to nothing. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know, because I should be overjoyed that I can do whatever I like, as leisurely as I like. But, I’m a people pleaser, a do-gooder and a helper. I make a great assistant and truly freak out when I don’t have anyone to look after. So now it’s time to make that person ME.

I’m going to practice “Dolce Far Niente” or “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing”, as explained in one of my favourites; Eat Pray Love.

I began today, celebrating Valentines with my one true love: My Mum. We spent the day in Fremantle; eating, drinking, wandering and ending at the Cottesloe Beach Club for a rosè and long chats. It was heavenly, and so relaxing.

IMG_0047Beetroot cured Salmon at Bread in Common


Now I have “When Harry Met Sally” playing, a cup of tea waiting, two new books to read, flowers from Andrew on the table and a date night in to look forward to.


Life is sweet, and I can enjoy it.

Love to all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hanbel’s Life Lately.

IMG_4691 IMG_4692
Dying with cuteness overload from my friend’s 3 week old kittens. They were wriggling around and squeaking like mad, so trying to snap a picture was a challenge indeed.
My mum is going to take one of the chocolate babies when they’re old enough, CANNOT WAIT.
Bircher muesli from Canvas Cafe in the Fremantle Arts Centre, I loooooove bircher a little too much.

IMG_4702 IMG_4703  IMG_4705 IMG_4706IMG_4723IMG_4711IMG_4712IMG_4714IMG_4717IMG_4718
Checking out a little of what Freo has to offer, including the MANY 6160 space. My mum, ever the librarian, couldn’t get enough of the books on display.IMG_4720
Trying to fight a cold with this very, very green juice from Panache. Plus half of season one of The Nanny.
Back at work, finally feeling like myself again. Kick-starting the day with my all-time favourite breakfast – overnight oats. Today’s is topped with honey, white nectarine, coconut and slivered almonds.
Some food for thought.

Have a good week, all!