How to Have a Lovely Day

Oh man, I’ve been a bit of a mess this week. It’s been a couple of emotional days; struggling at work, missing home, falling out of love with the bike park. BUT things are happening, and it’s changing around for me (I promise to give more details very soon).

In light of the last couple of days, I woke up today ready to change my mindset. I’ve started the day the best way I know how: went for a run, did some yoga, had a big coffee and, of course, peanut butter.

I also wanted to shed some light on some of the amazing things about this town that we have been loving over the last two months. There’s always a silver lining, and whistler has plenty!

  1. Peak 2 Peak


One lazy Sunday morning, we took ourselves up on the Peak 2 Peak and it was phenomenal!

I’m not even sure what path we went on, but we were attempting to find the snow walls. After half an hour or more of walking up hill in high altitude (safe to say our lungs were in struggle town!), we made it to the summit. Next time, we’ll go the right way and have a proper look and play around.


Harley, you can pay me for advertising any time 😉


This was a good day.

2. Splitz Grill, beeeeeessssttttt burgers!


3. Callaghan Valley


This was part of the Jeep tour I got to do last week, I felt like a very lucky gal to be taken out here and shown some more views of this incredible slice’o’heaven – at sunset no less!


4. Cheap drinks 🙂


While the food can be stupidly expensive, it is teaching us how to shop economically and not to waste anything. We had a very lucky life in Perth, but I do think we were a little greedy and spoilt.

Having said that – alcohol is much cheaper. With all of the happy hours in town, drink specials and cheap liquor stores, we are never short of a good drop 😉

5. The cuddly bears


Jokes, do not cuddle a bear. They will kill you. But they are super cute, and I’m still not sick of seeing them around the mountain!

6. Beavertails


I really wanted to dislike these. I was hoping they would be far too sweet and gross. I was right, but if you go halves with a mate it’s a fun little treat! Once every six months will do though…

There’s plenty more to love about Whistler, like when the sun finally comes out and you grab a six pack and picnic, ride down to a lake (there are many options), bask in the sunshine and stare at the mountains. Or when you and a mate from home go on a hike through the most luscious green forests, talking non-stop for two hours straight. Or when you come home from a long day at work and your loft is toasty warm, you’ve discovered another season of Archer on Netflix and you settle in with a glass of wine or cup of tea.

I also love that I get to share it all with this amazing dude, one of the most patient and positive people I know. He’s constantly trying to see the best in any situation and motivates me to do the same. Love ya kiddo!





Okay, best thing about my job: Fam Tours.
A fam tour, or familiarisation tour, is a chance for all local businesses to get front desk staff of whistler to experience their tours. FOR FREE.

Essentially, as we are the face of the company, and the staff who spend the most time interacting with guests, it’s important for us to understand the activities that we are recommending to them. If we have a great experience, then we are much more likely to encourage every guest who checks in to go to that particular business.

Works for me, I get to see and do whistler for very, very cheap 😉

Last Thursday kick-started my week of awesome, in the most intense way: the Sasquatch Ziptrek. Spanning from midstation on Blackcomb mountain to midstation on Whistler mountain, this zipline spans over 2km and can reach speeds of over 100km/hr. It was pretty sweeeeeeeeeeet!


I really should have saved that one until last, because going to do the TAG Superfly a few days later was a mistake. Although the company seemed more organised, and we got a chance to do four ziplines out at Cougar mountain, everything seemed so slow!

It did give me a chance to take more photos though, and the lack of rain helped me out a bunch.


We were taken up to Cougar Mountain via ZRZ, because Whistler doesn’t do anything half-arsed.


One bonus was getting to hold hands with the lady ziplining next to me on our last run. She was so cute, and it made her day to do that.

It doesn’t end with the ziplining though… Just yesterday, Crina and I also got to take part in one of the coolest activities in Whistler – bobsledding!


So many helmets, so little time!


The tour started with a walk down one section of the course, which was such a privilege. As the fastest course in the world (a fact which will never change by the way), it was insane to even see it, let alone get up, close and personal.

We were given our team, our gear, safety instructions and away we went! (With a driver on the back of course..)


This experience was absolutely breathtaking. Like, literally. Getting up to a top speed of 88km/hr, feeling almost 3 g-force and finishing the course in 51 seconds was enough to take your breath away.


I can’t wait to give this a go in the winter, but for now… summer is making me super happy!






One Second of a Road Trip

I’m so proud of us! We managed to keep going with our one second every day videos the whole time we were on the road (Andrew found a reminder service, SO HANDY).

As much as the photos are cool, and re-reading our blog posts is similar to having a diary, this is just another way to see the absolute highlights of every day.

So, here we have it: LA to Vancouver, our holiday before we begin living at a holiday destination 😉 #sorrynotsorry

Confidence is Key

Hello hello, welcome to my brain. There’s a lot of craziness up in here, and a lot I can’t control.
Are you sure you want to keep reading?


I’m glad you did because today I’d like to talk about something very important.
Or my lack there of.

You see, this is something I’ve been struggling with lately, and I thought – maybe I’m not the only one.
There are plenty of articles that I read daily that include “being confident” as a step towards a bigger goal, such as being a happier person or performing better at work. However, none of them go into detail about how to actually be confident. It seems like unless you were born with this particular trait, then it’s just bad luck for you and come again soon please.

There are plenty of people who have natural confidence; the extroverts of the world. My boyfriend being one of them. Nothing seems to phase them, they give anything a go and more often than not, excel at whatever they’re trying out [I am generalisng here, bear with me]. This is the view from the introvert’s perspective. In reality confident people still suffer from fear and anxiety, just on a smaller scale, and manage to overcome these feelings in order to achieve what they set out to do.

BUT HOW?! is the question I have been asking myself, pretty much since the day I met Andrew. How can he be so calm, chilled out, but ready for anything? How does he not stress out and overthink everything to the point of giving up?
Well, for starters, he is male. I’m generalising again, and there are always exceptions, but it seems that women tend to think about things a lot more than men. We’re the stressers, the worriers, the over-thinkers and over-analysers. Which can make things a little difficult.

The goal I’m having a hard time with at the moment is riding. I have ridden my bike a couple of times a week for as long as I can remember. I love it, and always have. As I’m getting fitter and my skills are improving I want to push myself. So, I started riding to work. I began on the bike path, and worked my way up to back streets, and finally main roads. I was on fire, and nothing could touch me.
Until one very chilly, frosty morning when I took a short cut through a park, cut around the “slow down” barriers, slid on the frozen grass and came off the bike. I didn’t get hurt – I had a couple of grazes and some very cold legs, but it shook my confidence.
Andrew has been taking me out Mountain biking, which begun really well – until it didn’t anymore. I get in my head too much, over think and let the fear of coming off the bike control the whole ride. Which has been horrible for both of us, what was meant to be something Andrew could share with me has turned into this stressful outing where I feel bad for not performing and he feels guilty for pushing me.

So, how do you get out of this vicious cycle? [pardon the pun]
For me, the following things have really helped:

  1. Yoga [in particular yogi breathing]
  2. Remembering why I started
  3. Asking myself if I really enjoy this
  4. Having solo time [I got out on my bike in the bush last week, alone. Changed my whole perspective]
  5. Making goals [even if it’s simple things, like ‘I’m going to really enjoy myself this time’]
  6. Admitting mistakes [this is HUGE, and so powerful]
  7. Accepting compliments [because then you start to believe them]

I think this is what life’s really all about. There’s no big mystery, it’s pretty simple; do what you enjoy doing, with the people you love spending time with.
Push your comfort zone, but understand where your boundaries are.
Confidence will build over time, as long as you are doing what you love and having FUN.

I hope you all find things that scare you, excite you, calm you down, build you up and leave you with a smile on your face!