So I Decided to Watch TV Instead

Today, my brain needed a little assistance for a decent blog title. I began researching “good TV quotes”, which turned out to be a colossal mistake. Instead of sourcing a cute pop-culture quote about how much fun TV shows can be, I came across a list of famous authors bagging out the television set and, to paraphrase, how we are all idiots for watching it.
e.g. “Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” – Bill Hicks


Then I came across this one:
“On Friday night, I was reading my new book, but my brain got tired, so I decided to watch some television instead.” – Stephen Chbosky

Which explains the exact reason why I watch TV shows!
Yes, I read books. Quite a lot actually. However, after a long ass day at work, an hour or so of exercise, and a mad rush to get dinner ready I don’t always feel like stimulating my brain. Sometimes, a gal just wants to chill the eff out.

So screw you famous and magnificent authors, I will indulge in my TV shows whenever I like!
*But also, thank you so much for creating such beautiful works of art that I really do enjoy reading.

Behold… my current favourite forms of anti-brain training:

1. Orange is the New Black


I’m only into Season 2 (behind the times, I know), but I love it. It’s clever, funny, sombre, confronting and uncomfortable at times. Addictive, so damn addictive.

2. Pretty Little Liars


After 5 and a half seasons, I’m not even sure if I like this show any more, but I have come this far. Plus: we FINALLY got some answers.

3. Suits


Harvey Specter. Harvey fricken Specter. Nothing like a good power play over a New York hot dog stand.
Plus the incredible Dior outfits that Jessica dons, and every storyline Donna is involved in. God, I just want to be her.

4. House of Cards


I feel like I really need to pay attention while watching this one, because American Politics are not my forte. However, it is super interesting and Frank Underwood’s manipulative games keep you hooked.

5. Community


Except Season 4, because Dan Harmon took some time off writing. It has hilarious and unexpected storylines, using clichés in the best way possible. Very clever comedy.

6. Downton Abbey


God bless my mother for introducing me to the wonders of Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott. I have such a soft spot for period drama because of this and love settling in for some early 1900’s action.

and some old favourites:

7. Gilmore Girls


I have watched this over and over since I first discovered the re-runs on Foxtel (also, coincidentally around the same time that I discovered coffee). The quick, pop-culture reference filled banter gets me every time!

8. Friends


My comfort show. When I was 18, I’d come home from a night out and watch this with a bowl of mi goreng, trying to sober up. Last year, it kept me company while I had four days off work battling a horrific cold. Immediately after we lost Rhiannon and I didn’t want to think anymore, I’d pop this on and get lost in Chandler Bing’s shenanigans and sarcasm.

Say what you want about TV rotting our brains, sometimes it really helps.
Just make sure you balance it out with enough exercise, outdoor activities and socialising, so you don’t end up like this: