This is for My Girls All Around the World

There are endless positives to travelling, and I have blogged about so many of them already. The beauty of a blog, or any social media account, is that you get to choose what part of your life you show the world. Usually, it’s the highlights, the best days. Particularly with blogging, I don’t feel like uploading any of my downsides. My writing is motivated by my mood, and when I’m feeling down I’m far more likely to reach for Netflix than WordPress.

This doesn’t exactly give you a clear picture of everything that is happening in my life though, and for a little reality check I’d like to share with you one of the downsides to travelling. It is short lived and relatively easy to overcome, but the first couple of months are the most affected by this factor.

It’s quite simple to adjust to a new currency, a different climate, small differences in culture and everyday life. These adjustments happen quickly and without much stress. What takes some time though, is making friends. I’m definitely getting there, everyone in Whistler is so chilled out and up for anything. My work crew are awesome, and ladies’ nights are giving me opportunities to meet so many gals with similar interests. It will improve over time and I am in no way worried about being alone here. I just have moments where I miss my gals.


I miss calling someone up on a quiet afternoon to grab a drink, go for a long walk or stay in with popcorn and a movie. I miss the easy banter and the support system. I miss the hugs!

I miss Konga with Brooke, life analysis with Brianna, mild abuse with Rach, a sneaky wine with Kendra. I miss laughing with Courtney, finding the best new restaurant with Anh, marathon chats with Luce, and I even miss Laura talking through movies.

Life is good, I promise. It’s just that these girls, and the friendships we have are unparalleled. I’m thinking of you all today, and want to share some snaps where we are at our happiest!


The best gals ūüôā

With Friends Like These…

Hello¬†friends. It occurs to me today, that I have never told you why I have named by blog “The World of Hanbel”.
It seems so insignificant to me, because I have heard this nickname a thousand and one times, but might not make sense to those of you who do not know me. (Assuming, of course, that there are any of you out there..)

Its pretty complicated, so bear with me while I explain its many intricate details.
My name is Hannah Bell. Shortened to Hanbel.
Well.. there you have it! I’m glad you stuck with me through that intense explanation.

It all began with these lovely ladies:

This is the oldest, and most horrible photo I could find of us all as a group. This shot was taken around 6 years ago, about the time (roughly, I can’t remember exactly!) the nickname begun. You see, there was another Hannah in the group, and I made my way in a little later.
As hard as she tried to keep herself as “Hannah 1” and¬†kept me as¬†“Hannah 2”, the girls just ended up sticking with Hanbel.


“Hannah 1” (go on, try and guess which one she is!) has since moved to Melbourne, but the name has stuck with me – through several different blogs, through new friends, it even makes an appearance written on my bike.
Now while the group has changed a little, with people moving on or new girls being introduced, it too has stuck with me over the years.


These beautiful humans are the nicest people you will ever come across! They saved me from a time where I found myself involved in toxic friendships and bullying circumstances. NOT fun.


You know those people that you just be completely yourself with; treat horribly, get grumpy and snappy at, act completely insane with?
These are my people.

image1image2image3They’re a special bunch, but I think they’re the bees knees.
If you happen to find one of these, make friends with it – it will be endlessly rewarding. You might even get yourself a little nickname.


Faithful Friends Who are Deer to Us..

What a week this was! I think it was the best all year..
Last weekend the birthday celebrations begun with lunch at Nobu with Andrew, my Dad and my step-mum. Ah-mazing as always!
Andrew treated me to breakfast on Sunday morning at Mrs S, and then the rest of the day was dedicated to Christmas baking:

IMG_4378I made these little guys for the best day at work. Every year we set up the Christmas tree in the morning, while singing along to Michael Buble. Once it’s ready, the whole office meets us for a morning tea, raising funds for a charity. This year, the donations went towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The next day, I celebrated turning 24 with coffee, danishes, presents – Andrew even made sushi at home, drove in and picked me up from work so we could eat lunch¬†in King’s Park.
Mum picked us up later that night for dinner at Catina 663, and we brought along¬†a bottle of Maiolo¬†red we’d been saving¬†from a trip down south ages ago.

We had our work Christmas party on Friday night, at Bib & Tucker. It’s always nice seeing everyone let their hair down after a year of working so hard.
Unfortunately I have zero photos from the night, so I will have to wait for the professional ones!

The real highlight though, was our Girl’s Christmas.
An annual affair, yesterday we celebrated for the fourth year running.


Courtney decorated her house beautifully, keeping with her beachy theme.
We rolled in around 2:30pm, with a plate of food each- ready for a sneaky beverage and a dip in the pool.
Once all the girls had arrived, we exchanged secret santa presents and showed off our gifts. Mine was clearly the best:



The food. Oh, the food! I glazed me a ham, Rachel cooked her beautiful roast pork, Jasmine and Kendra brought some much needed salads, Anh provided gorgeous, fresh prawns and a huge fruit platter, Bri supplied us with pre-dinner snacks (oh how we love dips!), Laura roasted some hearty veges and Lucy made an amazing Pavlova! A huge call, considering I don’t even like Pav.

My little carver, she did such a good job!

However, Brooke brought the greatest gift of all.



IMG_4412To my beautiful friends, Merry Christmas! I love you all to bits, and hope that this is a tradition that we carry on for many more years to come.
It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite days of the year.