I Love a Sunburnt Country

There is nothing like a good road trip. Nothing compares to having your feet up on the dashboard, singing off-key to old tunes, non-stop snacking, choosing between your desire to stay hydrated and your need to pee, passing through small towns in the blink of an eye; all with a very handsome boy in the driver’s seat.

We took a little drive this past weekend to a place called Pemberton, where Andrew and his best mate Harley competed in a Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike Competition.
Harley brought his gorgeous German girlfriend along, and we kept each other company trying to organise massages, but settling for a climb of the Gloucester Tree – shaking like leaves on the 72 metres back down.
When the competition begun the next day, we traipsed the trails, eating wild blackberries and trying to get some ‘fully sick’ action shots of the boys.
We all celebrated their insane efforts competing against the most elite riders in the state with pints and pub grub, before setting off for Esperance.

Fun fact about Andrew: he’s an ex-country bumpkin. His father worked as a banker, and shuttled their family around Western Australia in their early days. All three kids were born in different towns! So we thought since we were half way there, we’d drive another 7 hours and he could show off his home town.

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