My Brother

Is so much cooler than me. Everyone agrees. My own friends have met him, and prefer to hang out with him rather than me. (Kidding, kinda..)

He is the most chilled out dude I know, always going with the flow and letting things happen naturally. He never wants a huge fuss, he’s happy with a pint in hand at a local pub with a few of his favourites.

With his amazing girlfriend in tow, they drove The Nullarbor earlier this year, and didn’t mind spending 12 hours in car together.

He also has this incredible talent for graphic design, which he has been studying on and off for the last 5 years. Last week, we were lucky enough to witness his graduation night, showcasing all the hard work these crazy talented kids have put in.


I came home all excited to tell Andrew about the Delorium they had out the front. DELOREAN Hannah, DeLorean. Doh!


Another talented cookie I went to high school with, and his brand Melting Duck. So, so good!


He definitely got all of the artist talent in the family.


Congratulations Ali, on graduating, on receiving the Typography award, for being an awesome human. You’re my little brother, but I look up to you in so many way, this being one of them.