This is for My Girls All Around the World

There are endless positives to travelling, and I have blogged about so many of them already. The beauty of a blog, or any social media account, is that you get to choose what part of your life you show the world. Usually, it’s the highlights, the best days. Particularly with blogging, I don’t feel like uploading any of my downsides. My writing is motivated by my mood, and when I’m feeling down I’m far more likely to reach for Netflix than WordPress.

This doesn’t exactly give you a clear picture of everything that is happening in my life though, and for a little reality check I’d like to share with you one of the downsides to travelling. It is short lived and relatively easy to overcome, but the first couple of months are the most affected by this factor.

It’s quite simple to adjust to a new currency, a different climate, small differences in culture and everyday life. These adjustments happen quickly and without much stress. What takes some time though, is making friends. I’m definitely getting there, everyone in Whistler is so chilled out and up for anything. My work crew are awesome, and ladies’ nights are giving me opportunities to meet so many gals with similar interests. It will improve over time and I am in no way worried about being alone here. I just have moments where I miss my gals.


I miss calling someone up on a quiet afternoon to grab a drink, go for a long walk or stay in with popcorn and a movie. I miss the easy banter and the support system. I miss the hugs!

I miss Konga with Brooke, life analysis with Brianna, mild abuse with Rach, a sneaky wine with Kendra. I miss laughing with Courtney, finding the best new restaurant with Anh, marathon chats with Luce, and I even miss Laura talking through movies.

Life is good, I promise. It’s just that these girls, and the friendships we have are unparalleled. I’m thinking of you all today, and want to share some snaps where we are at our happiest!


The best gals ­čÖé

Hey Girl I Wanna Marry You

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I love a good wedding.

I love getting everyone together, dressed to the nines with a seemingly bottomless supply of alcohol flowing.
I love the awkward dancing, the touching speeches and the caaaaaake.
I love watching two people tell the world how much they love each other.

Andrew and I were lucky enough to witness this twice in two weeks, first with my step-cousin and the following week at Andrew’s cousin’s wedding.


Two of my favourite guys, my Dad and my little bro. My papa has the best beach house in Dunsborough which Andrew and I were lucky enough to stay in for the week. The first weekend though, was full of quality time with my weird and wonderful family.

Another step-cousin of mine, the beautiful bridesmaid Jess.
IMG_0842And the Bunney clan! (Newest Bunney in the middle, Kate you are amazing!)

Seeing Matt’s beaming face as all of his guests arrived, seeing him tear up watching Kate walk down the aisle, and watching him fist pump his way through the ceremony just made me so happy. Congratulations Matt and Kate, you two are a dream.


Which bring us to wedding number two.
Honestly, of all the weddings I have been to (which isn’t a huge amount, but enough to start thinking that I know everything hah!) these were some of the best. Andrew’s cousin Teleisha is one of the most calm people I have ever met, which just made the whole day relaxed and comforting.


Held at the stunning winery House of Cards, it was the most picturesque setting for the insanely good food, beautiful speeches and crazy dance moves that followed.

IMG_0865IMG_0140.jpgIMG_0150I’m totally bias because these are two of my best friends, but I thought the bridesmaids were close to stealing the show!

IMG_015312802869_10154526249768368_6230666066045880358_nStolen from Linley, because I had none of the bride, but this dress had to be shared!

IMG_0128… what everyone was feeling this night, way too much of it!

The drive back to Perth (with a slight hangover) was full of reflection on the happiness that was thrown around this week like confetti. No, no one is perfect, and neither is any family, but it’s so lovely when everything can be pushed aside for one night.

Hopefully everyone who wants this opportunity will be entitled to, and soon.

Much love to all; no matter what your circumstance.

Love is in the Air

And it’s making me a little sick.

Kidding, I am so goddam happy right now I don’t even know what to do with myself.
You see, on Friday afternoon two of my best friends announced their engagement. They are also the first from my close friends to enter into this huge life step. [This is already too much to handle!]

12400481_10153887824664878_54832823511226474_nPhoto of Brooke and Sean, taken by the beautiful Anh, who put aside her sickness to celebrate!

As, you can imagine we were all overjoyed. Like, way too much. So many hugs, screams, stories, glasses of champagne and loud cheers!

My favourite part of the evening was hearing Sean describe how it all played out, which I won’t share on here because it’s their story. Listening to him recall the sequence of events with such pride concreted every thought I’ve had about these two.

They’re the faux parents to our crazy little group, the couple we all idolise. They are far too smart for their own good, but they also never stop laughing, play fighting and searching for new adventures.


Being friends with these two over the last 8 years (almost 10 with Sean alone) has taught me so much about kindness. It’s a quality, that in my opinion, that is highly underrated.┬áI could ramble on forever about this, but trust me when I say that you’ll never come across kinder hearts than those of Brooke and Sean.

The out-pouring on social media over the past few days has been insane, and I have already added to that, I guess I just wanted to say a little more. This blog has created a monster, I am no longer able to contain my emotions in 140 characters or less.

To my wonderful friends, I love you. I’ll stop gushing now, but GODDAM I AM SO HAPPY.

Much love to all! Life is good.