If I was a Flower Growin’ Wild and Free


Most Saturdays Andrew will go for a mountain bike ride, and on his way home he’ll pick up Nandos and a bunch a flowers.
(What a catch, right?)

On the odd occasion this doesn’t happen, I’m quiet happy to take a stroll down to Lee’s Bonsai World.
They have the most incredible bonsai trees throughout the store, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but what draws me in are the fresh flowers on display.


I chose dendrobiums this time around, because LOOK at that colour!
Taking them up to the counter, I always get asked “Are these for a present, or for you?”.


And I reply, with a beaming smile “for me!”;
because it’s a pretty nice feeling, buying flowers for yourself.

Now… go and buy yourself a bunch!


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

6 sleeps to go. It’s my final day of work for the year, and everything is getting quieter… calmer.
A lot of people have left for their holidays already, we’ve wrapped up most of the work and swapped our secret santa presents.
I love the last few days leading up to Christmas. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree, Christmas Day plans are sorted and you have a chance to take a breath and relax.
The Christmas parties around this time help as well! (I have Andrew’s tonight)

So to all of you (whoever you are – Hi Mum!) I wish you a very merry Christmas. Take this time to enjoy yourself, de-stress, hug your loved ones, LAUGH, please laugh!
Allow yourself a few treats, you’ll have time to work it off in the new year. But more importantly, stay safe and happy!

Lots of love and best Christmas wishes,

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Grumpy catThe Polar Express Bing CrosbyVictoria’s secret –  The Grinch – Vicar of Dibley Michael Buble and Barbra StreisandHome AloneMean Girls Coca Cola Santa Mariah Carey – Buddy the Elf – Love Actually


Hanbel, the Weekend Edition

Spring is settling in, and it’s making me a very happy girl. I got to pull my bike out again, enjoy the sun setting a little later and make the most carefree days.

This was my weekend.


I bought this bad boy on friday, the Canon S120. A lot of time was spent playing around with it.


Lowdown put a shout on facebook to come and check out their new space on Friday night, share a bevvy and some banter.


On Saturday I watched my amazing girls Brooke and Lucy (from Luce’s Eternal Sunshine) play in their Grand Final for netball. Sadly, they didn’t win, but played as best they could. I still feel like a proud mamma!


I treated myself to some flowers, at $8 … how could you not?


Andrew and I rode our bikes to Maylands for a drink at Swallow Bar


Followed by dinner and the most amazing Quinoa Chocolate cake at Chapels on Whatley.


Sunday brekky with the girls, at The Ladder in Mt Hawthorn. Good, not great. I wouldn’t rush back if I’m honest.


Lucy and I hopped on our bikes in the afternooon, and rode to Brooke’s place for balcony wine time, plenty of snacks and so many laughs with the rest of the girls.


I rode home solo (Lucy hung around for pizza) so I could spend a little time with Andrew before kick-starting a new week!
I went to sleep early, feeling exhausted but very, very happy.

What did you get up to? x


Exercise, Ex Er Cise, Ex Ar Size, Eggs are Sides… For Bacon

I’m going to fill you in on a little secret. I hate exercise.
The thought of running makes me feel ill. I get too shy in gyms, and I’m not coordinated enough for team sports.
But I LOVE The Jungle Body.

After a little research, and help from a friend that already has a Jungle Body – seriously, she looks smokin, I turned up to a Konga class one day to give it a go.

Now, I am absolutely hooked!
Have a look for yourself: The Jungle Body.
They have a bunch of different classes, and you can work as hard as you like, there’s no pressure!
I’m not trying to preach, obviously exercise is different for everyone. I just want to let you know what I really enjoy doing.

The class I go to is in Morley, with the most amazing instructors. Check them out here: The Jungle Body with Shereice.
Shereice is almost 5 months pregnant, but nothing slows her down! She has help from Lisa, who is equally as amazing, for the higher intensity routines.

I highly recommend this program, have a look and see if there is one in your area.

All you need to bring is:


A good pair of sneakers, some comfortable work out gear (I recommend a decent sports bra, you gonna be jumpin’),


A yoga mat for floor work, lots of water, a towel for when you get a bit sweaty, and 10 smackaroos.


And if you really enjoy it, pick yourself up a 10 class pass for $80.


Before class.


And after. Hot, red, sweaty, but very happy.

“If you still look cute after Konga, you didn’t work hard enough!”

Like I said, this isn’t for everyone. Some people really enjoy a long run, or playing sport, or reps at the gym. For me, this is fun, and I come away from class feeling like I worked hard.