Love is in the Air

And it’s making me a little sick.

Kidding, I am so goddam happy right now I don’t even know what to do with myself.
You see, on Friday afternoon two of my best friends announced their engagement. They are also the first from my close friends to enter into this huge life step. [This is already too much to handle!]

12400481_10153887824664878_54832823511226474_nPhoto of Brooke and Sean, taken by the beautiful Anh, who put aside her sickness to celebrate!

As, you can imagine we were all overjoyed. Like, way too much. So many hugs, screams, stories, glasses of champagne and loud cheers!

My favourite part of the evening was hearing Sean describe how it all played out, which I won’t share on here because it’s their story. Listening to him recall the sequence of events with such pride concreted every thought I’ve had about these two.

They’re the faux parents to our crazy little group, the couple we all idolise. They are far too smart for their own good, but they also never stop laughing, play fighting and searching for new adventures.


Being friends with these two over the last 8 years (almost 10 with Sean alone) has taught me so much about kindness. It’s a quality, that in my opinion, that is highly underrated. I could ramble on forever about this, but trust me when I say that you’ll never come across kinder hearts than those of Brooke and Sean.

The out-pouring on social media over the past few days has been insane, and I have already added to that, I guess I just wanted to say a little more. This blog has created a monster, I am no longer able to contain my emotions in 140 characters or less.

To my wonderful friends, I love you. I’ll stop gushing now, but GODDAM I AM SO HAPPY.

Much love to all! Life is good.