Hanbel’s Life Lately.

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Dying with cuteness overload from my friend’s 3 week old kittens. They were wriggling around and squeaking like mad, so trying to snap a picture was a challenge indeed.
My mum is going to take one of the chocolate babies when they’re old enough, CANNOT WAIT.
Bircher muesli from Canvas Cafe in the Fremantle Arts Centre, I loooooove bircher a little too much.

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Checking out a little of what Freo has to offer, including the MANY 6160 space. My mum, ever the librarian, couldn’t get enough of the books on display.IMG_4720
Trying to fight a cold with this very, very green juice from Panache. Plus half of season one of The Nanny.
Back at work, finally feeling like myself again. Kick-starting the day with my all-time favourite breakfast – overnight oats. Today’s is topped with honey, white nectarine, coconut and slivered almonds.
Some food for thought.

Have a good week, all!