Home is Where the Wifi Connects Automatically

Or at least it will, after it gets installed.

Welcome to Hannah and Andrew’s big move!

I am out of home, and into an amazing rental. We moved in last week, and are finally feeling settled.
There are a few more things to sort out, like internet connection, electricty bill, where to keep the tomato sauce* etc. All the important things in life.
Otherwise, it’s starting to feel like home.

I am so in love with this house, it suits us perfectly. A big bonus is that all of our parents are amazing, and we didn’t have to buy too much furniture.

One of my favourite places is the dining room, surprisingly. Or maybe not so surprinsing, I eat like there’s no tomorrow.


I LOVE that we can have our own bar set up, no need to hide the good stuff from housemates/strangers. No need to hide my drinking habits from my mum. HELLO HENDRICKS MONDAYS! I kid, I kid. Gin is reserved for Friday.

This giant shelving unit came with the house (score!) and although it’s looking pretty empty at the moment, we are having fun filling it.


These are our favourite wine goblets and whiskey glasses for when we are feeling f-aaaancy.


This guy is my favourite though, Andrew picked him up in Tijuana, Mexico. There’s a spot underneath for a tealight candle, can’t wait to try that out!

Have a lovely weekend all, I’ll be spending mine playing house. And ignoring my ever decreasing bank account.

If you like our little piece of artwork, click below for the incredible website I got it from..

but first coffee

If you like gin, click below for my favourite place in the world..


Lots of love,

*It’s definitely pantry until it’s open, and then fridge. Any other way is pure madness!