Rock’n Roll

It’s a glorious winter morning in Perth. I use the term “winter” quite loosely, as it was 18 degrees, sunny and beautiful!
So what else would a young lass such as myself choose to do with her day?
Watch a Mountain Bike Race, of course!

Andrew and his best mate nominated for the WAGE Gravity Enduro which took place at Goat Farm, Greenmount.
His parents were keen for a sticky beak, so together we traipsed the trails sourcing the perfect photo opportunity.

IMG_5147Sadly, stage one was cancelled after only 7 or so riders attacking it. One had attempted to jump a rock, came off his bike and landed horribly – St John medics on site called in an Ambulance and he was taken off with suspected vertebrae damage. Our fingers are crossed that he makes a full recovery.

IMG_5156The mountain biking aside, this view, the incredible weather and being outdoors was the best way to wake up on a Sunday morning.


Proud Mumma ^

IMG_5164 IMG_5165

The boys powered through the remaining 4 stages, through crazy rock gardens and gigantic drops.

IMG_5167 IMG_5168They finished up just shy of the top 20, and it’s safe to say that now I’ve given this kind of riding a go I am in complete awe of their abilities, and lack of fear!

IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5150 IMG_5151WAGE organized for the amazing Brazilian food truck ‘Comida Do Sul’ to provide food at the event, as well as a licensed bar, which was well received after all the efforts from the competitors.

I feel like I end a lot of my posts with a humble-brag about Perth, sorry – but this one is no exception. I just love that our small city can hold events like these that a lot of people wouldn’t even know about, but that are incredible for those who are passionate for the sport.
WAGE, keep up the good work and I’ll keep coming to watch!