The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Two weeks into my unemployed life, and I’ve never been more relaxed… or freaked out because I’m so relaxed.

I wake up, and have nothing to do. No one will get mad if I don’t turn up somewhere, there aren’t really any emails to check and technically speaking I have no reason to get out of bed.

My brain won’t let me do that though, it wants me to be as busy as ever. Which means the last two weeks have been full of mountain biking, HIIT, walks, yoga, selling our things on gumtree, scouring for a casual job, grabbing coffee and anything else I can think of.

IMG_0033Howdy Coffee, in Bayswater [sooooooooo good]


I do all that, and still have so much free time. It’s been a real struggle coming out of full time work, to nothing. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know, because I should be overjoyed that I can do whatever I like, as leisurely as I like. But, I’m a people pleaser, a do-gooder and a helper. I make a great assistant and truly freak out when I don’t have anyone to look after. So now it’s time to make that person ME.

I’m going to practice “Dolce Far Niente” or “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing”, as explained in one of my favourites; Eat Pray Love.

I began today, celebrating Valentines with my one true love: My Mum. We spent the day in Fremantle; eating, drinking, wandering and ending at the Cottesloe Beach Club for a rosè and long chats. It was heavenly, and so relaxing.

IMG_0047Beetroot cured Salmon at Bread in Common


Now I have “When Harry Met Sally” playing, a cup of tea waiting, two new books to read, flowers from Andrew on the table and a date night in to look forward to.


Life is sweet, and I can enjoy it.

Love to all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day

And what a run of good days it has been!

I feel like, on occasion, I gush about my boyfriend too much (and who wants to be that girl?!), but sometimes he just gets it so right.

A few months ago, I received a message from Ticketek with my ticket details to “Wicked”. Without telling me, Andrew had bought tickets to see my favourite stage show! Friday night was the night. I got to relive the magic, tear up during “Defying Gravity” and drink a very green and VERY sickly sweet cocktail.


Thank you again Andrew, you’re a gem! I think I’ll keep you.


The weekend festivities kicked on, with a very special engagement partylast night. My step cousin Matt, and my good friend Kate. It such fun celebrating with the family, and the happy couple were so damn happy. Don’t you just love that?


My darling step-mum Melissa, and her niece Jess.



I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene in Vicar of Dibley. Also, I’m really sorry about the lack of snaps, I just have too much fun at parties!

Sunday’s hangover was pushed aside to accompany my mum at the Mother’s Day Classic, raising money for Breast Cancer Research. Perth put on a ripper of a day as we rode our bikes down to Langley park and joined the sea of pink in a casual 4km walk.


It has been the mother of all weekends (hehe!) and I have loved every minute.

To my amazing mumma: Happy Mother’s Day! I love you more than I could ever put into words. Your strength support and endless love are never taken for granted.


Andrew and I are off on a 9 day camping trip as of tomorrow, so bye for now!

I promise to have plenty of updates when I return, have a good week!

Hanbel. X

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I love my mother/daughter dates. Mum and I are so similar, it’s a little scary sometimes.
We say the same thing at the same time, love a good musical, are constantly asking “what’s she off??” when watching a movie, and have an insane love for her pets.

So when little events in Perth pop up, Mum is usually the first to find them, and I never say no to going with her!

The City of Vincent and the Mt Hawthorn Hub hosted a festival yesterday, through Scarborough Beach Road and surrounding laneways.

IMG_4975 IMG_4981

Though it was similar to other events around Perth (food stalls, craft stalls, live performers) Mum pointed out that it was a great opportunity to remind people of the Mt Hawthorn strip and how beautiful this area is.

IMG_4973 IMG_4986

The highlights for us were Catalano’s prawn and chorizo skewers ($15 for two though?!), sampling truffle butter from The Truffle House and waiting patiently for pork buns and crab cakes.

IMG_4977 IMG_4979 IMG_4980IMG_4982 IMG_4985

The Paddo were showing the famous Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight on their big screens and once it was over they spilled their bar out onto the street (surrounded by barricades, of course). There were a few other bars hidden down laneways who had the same idea, creating the best Sunday afternoon atmosphere.

With Mum feeling a little under the weather, we decided to say goodbye the crowds and beat the incoming rain, grab some gelato and head on home.

Chocolate Gelato, with salted caramel almond crunch from Chico Gelato. Get involved!

IMG_4987 IMG_4989 IMG_4991

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend just as much as I did!