You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

He’s coming. That old mate Santa Claus. He’s coming to town!

We are well and truely in the midst of the Christmas countdown. Today is the 25th of November, marking one month to make the most of the merriment.
I have said this to a lot of people over the years, and I stick by it now – I love the build up to Christmas Day much more than the day itself.

I’m a sucker for all things sparkly and magical so when those Christmas lights and trees start going up, I can’t contain my excitement.
I just feel that this season waves this mist over everything and everyone. We all have a little break to look forward to, we’re encouraged to think of our loved ones and what makes them happy, and we are given a little distraction from the day-to-day routine.

In Perth, there are a few events happening all over town to assist in the magic.

Over the weekend I went to the Christmas Markets held in Forrest Place, in the city. They were a little underwhelming, having used the same vendors from Angove Street Festival, Beaufort Street Art Market and the Beaufort Street Festival. As amazing as it is that they are showcasing local talent, I felt like I had seen it all before and was hoping for more of a Christmas theme.
Regardless, I still picked up a little present and am happy I went.

Bring on the next events!


Via Twigged by Tali Facebook

Tonight, I am accompanying some work friends to the Twigged by Tali wreath making course, held at Rochelle Adonis – with high tea to follow!
I am sooooooo excited, I have already bought a wreath hanger from Target ($5!!) and praying that my wreath making skills are somewhat decent.


The Leederville Carnival is happening on the 7th of December. It will include all the usual suspects – food stalls, art markets, crafts, live music, flowing drinks, people everywhere.
If you stick around until 8pm, they turn on the Christmas lights – which is always such a nice moment!




Via Experience Perth

There are so many events and daily christmas activities happening in Perth this year, most of which can be found here.
Everyday, at 11:45am and 1:15pm London Court in the city will put on a “snow show”, giving us a little taste of a winter wonderland. In the middle of summer…

One to take the kiddies along to is the Channel 7 and West Australian Christmas Pageant on the 6th of December along St George’s Terrace, also in the city.

Another event that is probably for the kiddies, but I have no shame in attending is held in the Northbridge Piazza throughout December. Festive Flicks, including The Polar Express, Elf and The Grinch will be shown on the big screen FOR FREE. Winning.



There are about a million Carols by Candlelight events in perth, the search for the best has begun here.
We never went when I was a kid (don’t ask me why!), so I’ll have to take your advice on which is the best.


I am also heading off to another exciting class – Christmas Baking at the Cooking Professor. Gingerbread skills come at me!

This is not even half at what is going on in Perth, so I would suggest you keep an eye out in your area for anything else fun to do! Enjoy the season with your family and friends, it is the best way to make the most of your time off.

What events do you go to every year?

Livin in a Hipster’s Paradise

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday. I donned my hipster hat, slapped on some sunscreen, grabbed two of my girls and headed down to the Beaufort Street Festival.

An annual event, on my favourite street in Perth, where a good portion is closed off to cars and opened up to bars.
All the fantastic vendors and businesses on the street open their doors, crank some music and provide amazing food.
As it’s popularity is growing, I knew this year would be crazy busy so we planned to arrive at the start of the event.


Damn lucky we did too, because even at 12:15 it was chockers! We hit the south side first, made our way up the street and headed for the shady shack. There wasn’t much we missed, and after three hours Anh and I felt like we’d done enough. Big crowds don’t do a lot for my stress levels, so these days I stay at these events for as long as I’m enjoying myself and leave before I get too frustrated. Lucy has a much bigger tolerance level than I do, and she ended up kicking on for most of the day!

IMG_0239We began with samples from Rochelle Adonis, including a Christmas pudding soaked for 18 months in brandy! Rich, christmassy heaven!



We hit up the soul food truck for some smokin’ pulled pork. Our logic was to share everything, so we could sample as much as possible.
Girls who think with their stomachs…

IMG_0244Duck Jumplings had me jumping for joy (too lame?).


Being a lactard I couldn’t get involved in these double espresso chills! Which sucks, because they were freebies, and who doesn’t love freebies?!

IMG_0247I made do with a coconut, which was leaking all over the place but refreshing as hell.


The lovely Lucy from Luce’s Eternal Sunshine.IMG_0248My little Anh, with a couple of nuts.


IMG_0251   IMG_0256  IMG_0258There was a little section hidden away from the madness, in the carpark behind Fresh Provisions, dedicated to artwork. And free gingerbread men…




Which was also where we discovered the greatest buy of the day. Matso’s ginger beer – icey pole style.
This has pretty much determined how I will spending my summer. Need to pick myself up some of these stat!IMG_0265

IMG_0267When we had completed the full loop, we wandered back down the road to El Publico, my favourite restaurant and the highlight of the festival, in my opinion.
They transform their carpark into the “Shady Shack” where all the 18+ tequila fun times begin. My pick from the bar is the tequila and fresh apple juice. It sounds simple, but it is so refreshing and packs a punch. Paired with smooth guacomole, crunchy chips, a cuttlefish tostada, some astro turf, and cruisy beats we were sent into the most chilled out, happiest of places.

IMG_0268Earlier in the day the girls were made promises of Sundaes at Rochelle Adonis, so we decided to finish our palates off with some SUGAR.
I opted out of this as well, but they looked incredible, although maybe a little rich as Lucy and Anh couldn’t finish one between them.
I pocketed a couple of lemon curd tarts (I am suuuuuch a lemon curd fiend) to bring home for the boy, and Anh and I took our full tummies home.


During the day we bumped into people we knew (bound to happen on this street) including our friend who had brought her Irish cousin along. He had just flown in the day before and this was his first taste of Perth. On a day like this I was so proud to call Perth home, event like these help us all embrace our city and to remind us how much we love dear little Perth.

Obrigado Mama

What do you do when your boyfriend has to work offshore all weekend? Have a Harry Potter marathon of course!
It was such a wild Saturday night with my girls, eating pizza, comparing the books to the movies and giggling like school girls.

I followed this up by taking my Mum to Angove Street Festival on Sunday.
She had been wanting to try the Comida Do Sul Food Truck for ages, and I noticed that they were setting up shop there.

We dodged the rain, and snuck into Addison and Steele for a caffeine hit.


I’d been meaning to go for such a long time, after a friend proclaimed it as “the best coffee in Perth”. I’m still such a Lowdown/Bossman sucker, but I must admit it was a great cup of Joe.

The sun made it’s grand entrance, so we started making our way through the markets.

IMG_4223IMG_4224IMG_4229There were all the usual suspects – vintage clothes, records, handmade jewellery and delicious treats.
In true Perth style, we bumped into familiar faces and lingered for a quick catch up.
I really love that about this city, it’s small enough that you tend to see people you know all the time, but large enough to have your own lives and not be living on top of one another.

IMG_4228IMG_4226IMG_4230My date for the day..

IMG_4233IMG_4231I picked up this gem from one of the stalls, but I could have bought so many more!


Finally, our grumbling stomachs got the better of us, and we made our way to the Comida Do Sul truck.


It was like something straight out of a movie. Specifically, this movie.
They were having fun, we were having fun and the food was DELICIOUS.

We both had the Choripan –  Chorizo, homemade mayo, vinagrete and chimmichurri in a toasted bun. It was incredible! Packed full of fresh flavour surrounded by a perfect bun.

IMG_4215IMG_4243Just look at that happy face!
I love my Mum’s company, and that she is willing to check out new places and things to do. Days like this one make me very grateful for this special lady!

Hanbel, the Weekend Edition

Spring is settling in, and it’s making me a very happy girl. I got to pull my bike out again, enjoy the sun setting a little later and make the most carefree days.

This was my weekend.


I bought this bad boy on friday, the Canon S120. A lot of time was spent playing around with it.


Lowdown put a shout on facebook to come and check out their new space on Friday night, share a bevvy and some banter.


On Saturday I watched my amazing girls Brooke and Lucy (from Luce’s Eternal Sunshine) play in their Grand Final for netball. Sadly, they didn’t win, but played as best they could. I still feel like a proud mamma!


I treated myself to some flowers, at $8 … how could you not?


Andrew and I rode our bikes to Maylands for a drink at Swallow Bar


Followed by dinner and the most amazing Quinoa Chocolate cake at Chapels on Whatley.


Sunday brekky with the girls, at The Ladder in Mt Hawthorn. Good, not great. I wouldn’t rush back if I’m honest.


Lucy and I hopped on our bikes in the afternooon, and rode to Brooke’s place for balcony wine time, plenty of snacks and so many laughs with the rest of the girls.


I rode home solo (Lucy hung around for pizza) so I could spend a little time with Andrew before kick-starting a new week!
I went to sleep early, feeling exhausted but very, very happy.

What did you get up to? x


Signature Dish Night

The 5th Annual Signature Dish Night was held last night. Run by a couple of Andrew’s friends, the basic concept of the night is to bring your own “Signature Dish” to share, eat until you pass out, and have a merry ol’ time.
All of the proceeds from the raffles and games, plus any donations made on the night are contributed to the MS Society.

Eating for a good cause: my kind of night.

This year, I went with the dessert I make the most, Red Velvet Cupcakes.
Super easy, but time consuming!


Mix 60g room temperature butter, 150g caster sugar and 1 egg in a mixing bowl


In a separate bowl, combine 10g cocoa, 10ml red food colouring and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then add to the sugary, buttery mixture.



Warning: your hands will look like this. It washes off quickly, but it can be fun to run around pretending that you’re bleeding. I tried to scare Mum, she didn’t care.

IMG_3864 IMG_3865

Measure out 120ml buttermilk, and (roughly) 150g of flour. Combine half the buttermilk to your red mixture, then half the flour (along with 1 teaspoon baking powder).


I love how it looks at this stage! Combine the remaining buttermilk, and then the remaining flour.

In a smaller bowl, combine 1/2 teaspoon of bicarb soda, 1/2 salt and 1 1/2 teaspoon white wine vinegar.
Add this to the big bowl and give it a damn good stir – this needs to combine evenly.


Spoon into cupcake patties, pop into the oven at 180 degrees for around 20 mins.

The trick with baking, is that it will be ready when a skewer or knife “goes in clean, comes out clean”.

While they are cooling, combine 300g icing sugar and 50g butter. Once fluffy, add in 125g cream cheese to make the most delicious icing! (The leftover icing was my breakfast, no regrets!)


Pipe the icing on top, throw half of a cupcake (sans icing) into a food processor to crumble, and decorate the top!


Hey presto! Delicious, sugary treats!

I have to admit, for the rest of the night my focus was just on eating the food, not photographing it, woops!



Mains, round 1.


Andrew tucking into my dessert. The Pan cake-cake was sensational!


But nothing looked as impressive as the hamburger cupcakes!

It was a fantasic night, eating and drinking with some of my favourite people. The lads always put on a good show, and hopefully raised a bit of money for a great cause.