They Call it the Season of Giving

This is it. IT. You guys!
We are officially two weeks out from the be all and end all of holidays.


Office Christmas parties are in full swing, family gatherings become much more frequent and those hasty “we need to catch up” texts are flying around to friends young and old.

I may or may not have every decoration up and almost all of my presents wrapped and sitting patiently under the tree, but as previously discussed, I am freakishly organised.

I do, however, have some last minute gifts to buy and if you haven’t followed my brilliant advice and started your shopping in September, I thought you might find this interesting.

A few of my delightful family are receiving vouchers this year, and I save these for the last few weeks of December. I want to make sure they have the maximum amount of time to use the voucher, and I don’t want to stinge them out of a couple of weeks because I was too organised. Enter my latest list…

Last Minute Present Gift Guide (including vouchers for maximum usage time):

Movie Vouchers
If you have to go shopping in the two weeks before Christmas, you want to make sure it’s not at a busy and stressful shopping centre. For grandparents in particular, I find movie vouchers super handy. It forces them to go on a mini date, enjoy a great movie and each other’s company. I’ll pair this with a little bag of gourmet popcorn for something to unwrap on the big day.

Food Packs
I love putting together a little basket or box of food, because who doesn’t love food?! Especially around Christmastime. Pop into the Re Store, Charlie’s or the Herdsman, and build your own masterpiece. I tend to include a bottle of wine, or a boutique beer, some special chocolate, a jar of jam/chutney/infused olive oil, and something personal – my step-granddad loves his mushy peas, whereas my Mum is such a sucker for marzipan.

2015-12-11 11_33_44-The Standard Perth (@thestandardperth) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Restaurant Vouchers
My darling besties got me a voucher for Mary’s for my birthday, a restaurant I had actually been dying to go to but hadn’t gotten around to it and couldn’t justify for a random night out. It was so sweet to receive, and seeing how well they know me meant so much.
Pick a place that you love, but that the receiver probably wouldn’t chose for themselves. My recommendations for Perth include El Publico, The Standard and Kitsch.


High Tea
For a special lady in your life (girlfriend, wife, mum, cat), high tea is always a winner. It’s the kind of present that the gal wouldn’t normally buy herself, but will absolutely LOVE to receive. Hit up The George, Peninsula Tea Gardens (for the scones) or Chapels on Whatley (for the tea!). Rochelle Adonis is notable, but be prepared to splurge and walk away still peckish.

2015-12-11 14_27_00-Myer - Christmas Giftorium.png
If you handle going into Myer this week, a fantastic last minute present is Nutella. Not just any old jar though, Myer are printing personalised jars with that special someone’s first name. They also stock Nutella cookbooks full of deliciously wicked treats to make over the holidays. Go on, you know you want one… for yourself!

Happy shopping my little elves!




I Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jinglin’

YOU GUYS. There are only 30 days left until Christmas. Welcome to The Holiday Season. Capitalised, because it is so very important.

This season honestly makes me so happy, especially at the beginning. When most people are complaining that fruit mince pies are stocked in supermarkets too early (no such thing), and that the decorations shouldn’t be hung in November (lies!), that’s the moment I start feeling that Christmas cheer!

Do you remember this book that I was coveting last year?
Well, I actually received it from my boss last year, and I swear it has been a lifesaver! I started planning a little early, organised where I would buy all of my Christmas presents and staggered my purchases.

I try to do a lot of my shopping online. I find it so much easier (not having to physically go into shops prevents so much stress), but you do need to be organised to allow for delivery time. My favourite websites for Christmas presents include the following:

I get 90% of my presents from this site. From personalised santa sacks, to beautiful handmade necklaces and quirky homewares this website dishes out some truly unique gifts. Merry Christmas Gift Tags/ Retro Reindeer Tags/ Rustic Vintage Christmas - XX6

Etsy will always be king. I love this site for cheap handmade items, like the gift tags above (which I have ordered and am in love with).

www.coolmaterial.comBoston Harbor Distillery Makes Whiskey From Sam Adams Beer

Google is your friend. He will lead you to places such as this which help you to find presents you didn’t even know existed, but are perfect for that special someone.
Harry Potter: The Official Adult Colouring Book

Forget Booktopia or the Book Depository, Angus and Robertson have the cheapest books and the best delivery times. With constant sales, I picked up a few secret santa cookbooks for well within the $$ limit.
I’m sure you’ve all heard of this one. Ebay is great for the material sources; wrapping paper, burlap, ribbon, bells and other decorations you need to get in bulk. Word to the wise though, get in early. Ebay shipping times are so varied and you want to make sure this stuff arrives.

Special mention to The Urban List and Instagram account @perth_pop, for showcasing local talent. When I’m not scouring the net, I do love being able to shop local and support small business. Visiting local farmer’s markets and events around Perth are also a great way to pick up knick-knacks that you’re almost guaranteed the receiver won’t have seen before.

To me, this is one of the best parts of Christmas. I love being able to find something small that will put a smile on the face of someone you love. It’s like a little reminder to them that you know them, love them and appreciate them. So please, for my sake, remember that when you do your shopping and I promise it won’t be as stressful as you think.



Faithful Friends Who are Deer to Us..

What a week this was! I think it was the best all year..
Last weekend the birthday celebrations begun with lunch at Nobu with Andrew, my Dad and my step-mum. Ah-mazing as always!
Andrew treated me to breakfast on Sunday morning at Mrs S, and then the rest of the day was dedicated to Christmas baking:

IMG_4378I made these little guys for the best day at work. Every year we set up the Christmas tree in the morning, while singing along to Michael Buble. Once it’s ready, the whole office meets us for a morning tea, raising funds for a charity. This year, the donations went towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The next day, I celebrated turning 24 with coffee, danishes, presents – Andrew even made sushi at home, drove in and picked me up from work so we could eat lunch in King’s Park.
Mum picked us up later that night for dinner at Catina 663, and we brought along a bottle of Maiolo red we’d been saving from a trip down south ages ago.

We had our work Christmas party on Friday night, at Bib & Tucker. It’s always nice seeing everyone let their hair down after a year of working so hard.
Unfortunately I have zero photos from the night, so I will have to wait for the professional ones!

The real highlight though, was our Girl’s Christmas.
An annual affair, yesterday we celebrated for the fourth year running.


Courtney decorated her house beautifully, keeping with her beachy theme.
We rolled in around 2:30pm, with a plate of food each- ready for a sneaky beverage and a dip in the pool.
Once all the girls had arrived, we exchanged secret santa presents and showed off our gifts. Mine was clearly the best:



The food. Oh, the food! I glazed me a ham, Rachel cooked her beautiful roast pork, Jasmine and Kendra brought some much needed salads, Anh provided gorgeous, fresh prawns and a huge fruit platter, Bri supplied us with pre-dinner snacks (oh how we love dips!), Laura roasted some hearty veges and Lucy made an amazing Pavlova! A huge call, considering I don’t even like Pav.

My little carver, she did such a good job!

However, Brooke brought the greatest gift of all.



IMG_4412To my beautiful friends, Merry Christmas! I love you all to bits, and hope that this is a tradition that we carry on for many more years to come.
It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite days of the year.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like … Hannah’s Excitement

Oh, I am a bad blogger. I’ve let myself become too busy with study and work, and forgotten (temporarily) about The World of Hanbel.
Well, that’s all over now, because we are fast approaching a very exciting time of the year.

Oh, yes! December is right around the corner – which means it’s time for my birthday, but also CHRISTMAS!

45f5ad1caf25ccb94f8d3182281458d8And I have just the list to get you into the holiday spirit!

Firstly, you’ll need to pick yourself up a pack of these:

fruit mince pies

Baker’s Delight have the best in Perth, the pastry is to die for.

Download this album, if you don’t have it already:

michael buble

Start planning out your presents (I’ve already gotten most of mine, but I have issues). I really wish I had bought this earlier, though:


Start getting your Christmas movie collection together, this is my number one pick:

the grinch

And pin. Pin  away! My favourites at the moment are wrapping ideas and Christmas recipes.

present 2



cheesecake cake pops

All via Pinterest

Happy planning everybody! Let me know if you need any help, I can’t get enough!
43 sleeps…

Thoughts for Thursday

Things making me smile today:


Emails from my brother, gallivanting through Europe. Jealousy levels are through the roof!


A good (and crazy) friend’s birthday. I love seeing birthday love. What is it about celebrating another year of someone’s life that brings out emotion that we normally wouldn’t share?
… and embarrassing photos. So many of those! To the birthday gal, I have a good one to show you later…


Enrolling myself into Cert IV in Business via TAFE online. Goodbye spare time!


The countdown to my favourite time of the year has begun!


As is the planning, and some of the purchasing. I need to slow down.



IMG_3974 IMG_3972

Some Christmas inspiration for you all, via Pinterest. As soon as that sun starts shining in Spring, I can’t help feeling like Christmas is on it’s way!
Plenty more crazy Christmas posts to come this year, I apologise in advance.

Happy Thursday to all, and to all a good day.