10 Things that Make Me Terribly Happy About Winter


  2. Mocha breaks on the mountain
  3. Getting excited by a warm day of 0 degrees
  4. Red wine by fireplaces in cozy pubs
  5. Waking up to a beautiful bluebird day
  6. When the Highway closes and the village stays quiet ūüėČ
  7. Reading all the books under the covers, watching the snowfall
  8. Rosy cheeks
  9. Snowboarding at least twice a week, we are SO LUCKY
  10. Giggling at the cutest little kids, all bundled up and ready for their ski lessons


10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy About Autumn


  1. Not sweating all the time. I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me.
  2. Cups of tea, all day, everyday
  3. Being able to exercise at any time of the day
  4. Incorporating jeans back into my wardrobe
  5. Raining days spent inside on a cozy couch
  6. The promise of better mountain biking conditions
  7. It’s not too hot for a glass of red, red wiiiiine
  8. Those gorgeous Autumn colours; oranges, earthy reds, soft browns.
  9. Crunching over leaves in parks
  10. Enjoying our last Perth sunset over the ocean.


Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

It was a great weekend.

Even¬†though Friday’s dinner was overpriced.

Even though we set an alarm for 6am on Saturday morning.

Even though Margaret River was absolutely freezing, and we were camping.

Even though I got scared of mountain biking again.

Even though we got lost riding to the pub and ended up riding through a pitch black forest.

Even though Andrew’s chain snapped during his race.

Even though I lost sight of them all two seconds into the race, got myself lost trying to find my way back to camp and took zero race photos.

Even though we were all exhausted.


It was great because:

On Friday night we ended up sharing red wine and dark chocolate in bed, instead of paying for an overpiced dessert.

We had the best car rides, including ridiculous sing-alongs and deep conversations.

To stay warm we drank red wine, so many beers and ate great pub food.

The mountain bike trails were absolutely beautiful, covered in wildflowers and greenery.

We did laugh about the irony of trying to take a short cut into town and going on a cross country adventure.

Andrew fixed his chain in no time, and they all finished the race without injury, and with smiles on their faces.

I got an hour of bushwalking in, listening to my ipod and contemplating life.

I also got to drive home, and we had burgers and wine for dinner, while watching Archer.

Sometimes, it’s not about every moment being perfect. Sometimes, things don’t quite happen the way you plan. I think that it’s important let yourself get frustrated, or scared, or pissed-off because of what you feel afterwards. Embracing the tough times or the stupid mistakes helps you to appreciate the good things.

And I know one very good thing I’ve got going on in my life: