All Hallows Eve

The one night a year when the world of the living and the world of the dead overlap. On this night, the deceased can come back to haunt the living.

Halloween was the best holiday (after Christmas of course) to celebrate as a kid. We were expats living in Asia for a few years, and in Singapore especially, it was widely celebrated.
I have such fond memories of crazy costumes, trick-or-treating and sugar overdoses.
Our parents would get into it as much as we did, and every family would host their own party.
On the night we would move from house to house, enjoying all the spooky activities.
One year Mum filled our entire living room with string. Each child would have to trace their own colour (over the top of other kids, around furniture) to find their goodie bag.

Back home, we don’t celebrate it nearly as much, but I still enjoy the holiday.

A friend from work returned a book I lent her, with some festive treats, which is what started me thinking about this time of year.

IMG_4193It’s a time to bring out this gem…

Hocus_Pocus“Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!”

Or this bad boy. Look at the baby Hilary Duff!

51ZBR9FA9WLIt’s time to brush up on your sugar skull painting…

c825978b8595436764db0e75185ec79eVia Pinterest

Or to work on your pumpkin carving skills.

maniac-pumpkins-4909_vert Martha Stewart.. the queen of holidays

And you definitely need those sugary treats!

10633963576_7a682ef310_zBlood Splatter Cookies

Me? I’ll be going to the drive in’s with Andrew, to see Gone Girl. We’re going to pack the car full of blankets, pillows, lollies, sneaky beverages … and I will be going in my skeleton onesie.
What are you getting up to?