10 Things that Make Me Terribly Happy About Winter


  2. Mocha breaks on the mountain
  3. Getting excited by a warm day of 0 degrees
  4. Red wine by fireplaces in cozy pubs
  5. Waking up to a beautiful bluebird day
  6. When the Highway closes and the village stays quiet ūüėČ
  7. Reading all the books under the covers, watching the snowfall
  8. Rosy cheeks
  9. Snowboarding at least twice a week, we are SO LUCKY
  10. Giggling at the cutest little kids, all bundled up and ready for their ski lessons


“Apricity” – The Warmth of the Sun in Winter

This weekend, in the middle of a Perth winter, the sun could not stop shining!
I couldn’t help myself¬†by getting excited about doing the washing, and running errands – who knew I was such a housewife?
But after Andrew’s plans to go mountain bike riding fell through, I knew he would get fidgety and frustrated so I suggested we take our cruisier bikes out for a spin.

We packed up the car, and headed down to Riverside Gardens in Bayswater.



I always forget why people stare and giggle at us as we ride past, then I remember that Andrew looks like this:


“I’m pretty badass”



Seriously, this is winter? We are pretty lucky to get days¬†like this. Lately, I find myself becoming more appreciative and¬†trying to make the most of them, rather than spending my¬†weekend in a hungover, “hiding from the world”, “feeling sorry for myself” state (although, I’m pretty sure I will have a few more of these in my future!).
After we came home, I picked some flowers from our garden and pottered around the house, feeling pretty content. Bring on more weekends like this!