This Week…

I am doing … a lot of work, and a lot of exercise.

I am feeling … tired, but content.

I am craving … a weekend!

I am looking forward to … finally getting to see some of the crankworx action.

I am eating … way too many Purebread leftovers.

I am listening to … Folk & Friends on spotify.

I am watching … Scandal – I’m sooo late to the party, but I cannot get enough Olivia Pope in my life!

I am missing … the girls, always.

I am hating … not being able to get to the bike park.

I am loving … the sunshine in Whistler. This week is heaven on earth, I just need to stop working so much and enjoy it!


I hope you’re all having a lovely week 🙂

Workin’ 9 to 5

So that’s it my friends. Almost four years at my job, coming to a close.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, and I promise to report back with more details, but I can assure you that life is damn good.

Today is my last day in this office that I have spent far too many hours in. A place where I have come close to tears, laughed way too loud, made dear friends and pissed off so many people. A place where I’ve had to bite my tongue when people chew too loudly, to hang up the phone on idiots too many times and put up four lots of Christmas trees.

I feel like I grew up a lot working here, and definitely learnt the most from any job I’ve had. While every day hasn’t been perfect, and the last year has definitely been the most difficult for this industry, it has been an absolute pleasure.

My highlights include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Having a PR Guide Dog visit the floor, after we decided to sponsor a puppy

guide dog.png

  • Go-Karting with our clients
  • Tequila shots with other clients


  • Getting to visit our site near Karratha, wear high vis and experience donga life


  • Having a tour of our vessel, a once in a lifetime opportunity for an admin gal

2016-01-29 09_42_52-Hannah Bell _ Hanbel (@hanbel) • Instagram photos and videos

  • Way too many beautiful presents and Tiffany necklaces from my boss


  • Working in the heart of the city and sourcing Perth’s best coffee with my caffeine addicted work bestie
  • Meeting George Calombaris


  • So many cupcakes
  • The most extravagant Christmas parties in which we deliberated over the “Hot Wife Award”
  • The people.

God, I would stay for the people in a heartbeat. I think that’s why I stayed a year longer than I should have. There are some damn good souls in this place who put up with more than they should, give the best advice, encourage and support one another and who I will miss seeing every day more than I even want to think about right now.

It’s been real, but it’s time for something new.

Peace out.